• Music from Season #4 of Charmed

Here you will find all the music played in Charmed, pages are linked to each song, click to take you to the relevant pages. Please give songs time to load before attempting to play them!

#4x01-02 Charmed Again

Depeche Mode » I Feel Loved
Eddi Reader » Bell Book & Candle
Stevie Nicks » I Miss You
Stevie Nicks » Planets of the Universe
Depeche Mode » Tantric

#4x03 Hell Hath No Fury

Lily Frost » Who Am I

#4x05 Size Matters

Mazzy Star » Into Dust
Dave Navaro » Hungry
Fuzz Townsend » At Auntie Tom's
The Crystal Method » Name Of The Game

#4x07 Brain Drain

Heather Nova » I'm No Angel
Heather Nova » Like Lovers Do

#4x13 Charmed and Dangerous

Natalie Imbruglia » Goodbye

#4x15 Marry-Go-Round

Groove Armada » Join Hands
Marvin Gaye » Let's Get It On

#4x16 The Fifth Halliwheel

Kylie Minogue » Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Rebekah Ryan » Big Trouble (Lots of Fun)

#4x17 Saving Private Leo

Rusted Root » Welcome To My Party
Rusted Root » Big Trouble (Lots of Fun)

#4x18 Bite Me

Dropline » Fly Away From Here (Graduation Day)

#4x20 Long Live The Queen

Sarah Polley » Courage

#4x21 Womb Raider

Our Lady Peace » Stealing Babies

#4x22 Witch Way Now?

Ozzy Osbourne » Get's Me Through



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What some of the cast are Working on

Alyssa Milano

Title: Imaginary Lines(2020)
UK Release:Unknown'
IMDB | Year:2020'

Holly Marie Combs

Title: Homeward Bound: Surviving The Coronavirus (2020)
UK Release: 20th April 20'
IMDB | Year:2020'

Rose McGowan

Title: Sleepwalk (2020')
UK Release: Unknown'
IMDB | Year:2020'

Shannen Doherty

Title: Twilight of the Mallrats
UK Release: Unknown'
IMDB | Year: Unknown

Brian Krause

Title: Cypher (2020)
UK Release: Unknown'
IMDB | Year2020'

Julian McMahon

Title: FBI: Most Wanted (2020)
UK Release: Unknown'
IMDB | Official Site: TBA

Drew Fuller

Title: Test Pattern
UK Release: Unknown
IMDB | Year:2020'

Kaley Cuoco

Title: The Flight Attendant (2021)
UK Release: Unknown'
IMDB | Year: 2021?

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