Lord Dyson


Season 1: 7x02...
Name: Lord Dyson
Episode(s): The Bare Witch Project
Species: Repression Demon
Level: Low Level
Powers:Energy Balls, Releasing Repression, Shimmering, Sensing

SummaryLord Dyson is a demon who feeds on repession. He gains powers from supressed emotions feeding off the pain of the poor. Lord Dyson starved to death after Lady Godiva's ride as it rid the whole town of repressed feelings, but when the student in Magic School conjured Lady Godiva he also conjured Lord Dyson to the present too. However he appears as a spirit and starts to feed of the supressed emotions of the students in Magic School so that he can become stronger. He becomes whole once he feeds of Odin the Elder and searches the city for more repression and using his powers to blow up vehicles. Then he was sent back to his time with Lady Godiva by the Charmed Ones only when they went back Lord Dyson was even more powerful than before which changed the timeline in the present and Lady Godiva never got to finish her ride, so the sisters had to conjure Lady Godiva again and Lord Dyson came back so that the sisters could try and vanquish him. Lord Dyson however used his power on Piper and Pipers supressed emotions were taken out on Leo who she continually blew up, this gave Lord Dyson a chance to escape. He reappears a while later in the Manor and attacks the sisters and Leo, Paige manages to get Lady Godiva out and Piper, Phoebe and Leo ran upstairs. Piper and Phoebe had a plan for Lord Dyson to use his power on Leo who had very strong supressed emotions, Lord Dyson follows and quickly uses his power on Leo only Leo's emotions were far too much for Lord Dyson as Leo had so much anger built up inside that Lord Dyson couldn't handle it and exploded therefore being vanquished by Leo.

Book of Shadows Entries

To Summon Lord Dyson

We look to find the evil set free,
Bring this demon before us three

Images of Lord Dyson from "Bare Witch Project"



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