Name: Hecate
Episode(s): The Wedding From Hell
Species: Demon
Level: Low Level
Powers:Immortality, Shapeshifting (from human to demon), Spell Casting, Teleporatation, Super Strength.

Summary: [Book of Shadows entry] Hecate is a demon who comes to earth every two hundred years.Her goal is to create a demon spawn which she does by finding an innocent, putting him under her spell and marrying him in a sanctified wedding. She has to be impregnated by a mortal man so her child would appear human but be pure demon on the inside. Hecate and her demons can be stoped by using a 14th century Iatian Poingnard that bears this inscription: Nec prius absistit quoad protero prodigium. Translation: I shall not rest till the demon is vanquished.) Her spell can be broken by a declaration of love, sealed with a kiss.

Spell To Create a Storm: "By Asteria and Perces, Open sky and do your worst"

Hecate Trivia

Sarah Rose Peterson guest starred in sitcom "Friends" wearing the same dress that Shannen Doherty had worn in one of the Charmed promotional photo's
In Charmed Hecate is a demon but in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Hecate is a Wiccan Goddess, In greek mythology Hecate is the "Goddess of Magic"
In a Charmed bonus feature "The Making of a Monster" they show you how Hecate's face is made.

Images of Hecate from The Wedding From Hell



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