A Paige From The Past


Season 4: 4x10...
Name: Frankie & Lulu
Episode(s): A Paige From The Past
Species: Spirits
Level: N/A
Powers: Possesion

Summary:Frankie and Lulu are spirits from the 1950's' who were thieves and are known to of robbed many jewellery stores, they killed three people during their time and were eventually gunned down. They escaped through Clyde's time travelling door and possess Phoebe and Cole. They have unfinished business they need to finish. After they possess Phoebe and Cole they threaten Piper after she figures out who they are, they then go to a jewellery store where they pick out a ring and it becomes clear their unfinished business is to get married. Frankie manages to take a gun from the security guard inside the jewellery store and shoots the glass so they can take the ring that Lulu has chosen, before they leave Frankie shoots the security guard in the leg. Next time we see them Frankie and Lulu are in a church with a gun held at the Chaplain so he will marry them. However just as they are about to get married Piper and Darryl appear and Darryl shoots Frankie before Frankie shoots him. Frankie then leaves Cole's body and Lulu leaves Phoebe. Clyde is shouted down to get Leo to heal Cole and Clyde puts Frankie and Lulu's spirits back in the door.'

Book Of Shadows


There are no spells for Frankie & Lulu as they are spirits.

Images of Frankie & Lulu from "A Paige From The Past"

Frankie and Lulu possess Cole and Phoebe therefore pictures are of them as Frankie and Lulu



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