Cole as The Source Of All Evil


Season 4:
Name: The Source Of All Evil
Episode(s): The Source as 'Cole Turner' The Three Faces of Phoebe, Marry-Go-Round, The Fifth Halliwheel, Saving Private Leo, Bite Me, We're Off To See The Wizard, Long Live The Queen
Species: Leader of the Underworld, Demon
Level: Upper
Powers:Banishing, Conjuration, Crushing, Electrokinesis, Energy Balls, Energy Beam, Energy Blast, Flaming, Fire Balls, Force Fields, Incineration, Invisibility, Mind Manipulation, Portal Creation, Possession, Pyrokinesis, Shapeshifting, Apportation, Summoning, Suggestion, Super Speed, Super Strength, Technopathy, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Transformation, Sleep Induction, Adjusting, High Resistance, Immortality, Reconstitution, Sensing, Soul Projection, Spell Casting.
Summary: Cole slowly starts to become the new Source he initially tries to hide it from Phoebe and her sister's and tries to fight it. The power is too strong and Cole comes to accept his role as the new source, as he's about to be coronated a wizard interrupts as he himself wants revenge on the source and to take over as the source. Cole decides he wants to be with Phoebe and give up his powers but as the wizard is about to become the new source Phoebe vanquishes him and takes her role as Queen of the Underworld along side her husband Cole - The Source. Phoebe finds it difficult deciding on being good or evil but eventually joins her sister's once again and this time they vanquish Cole, the source is killed again. However the essence of the source goes to Phoebe's unborn child who controls her and uses his powers from her womb. The seer takes the unborn baby from Phoebe to herself by magic and she begins to be coronated as the new source. Baby's power is too strong for the seer setting her head alight as he did with Phoebe. The seer along with all demons at the coronation are all vanquished along with the baby and it's powers.


Summary:Cole is now the new source after his coronation. After Phoebe had decided to stand by her man he became coronated to be the new source, he is having a meeting in his apartment with the leaders of demons from each faction as to what they are to do next! Phoebe see's they are going to attack someone and tells her sister's even though she is the queen of the underworld she believes she get's her premonition for a reason. After Malik attacks the person in question the sister's intervene Phoebe saves the innocent but also saves the demon. Malik goes straight to the Source to tell him what his queen has done. The source vanquishes Malik and all other demons around him except for Dane who he believes he can trust. After Phoebe finds out that the Seer has been trying to poison her and that Cole knew about it Phoebe is sick! Piper and Paige turn up at the apartment to vanquish Cole but they need the Power of Three to vanquish the source. Phoebe eventually realizes what she must do and says sorry to Cole before reciting the spell to vanquish the Source. The Source is vanquished once again and Cole is also gone too.


Summary:Cole Turner... The love of Phoebe's life and also a demon. Cole tired of trying to be good and not winning Phoebe back decides he is going to be evil again, so he sets up a plan to take the sister's down. His plan is to take over the Manor and the Nexus which is situated in the basement of the Manor. He uses a shapeshifter called Kaia who he uses for her to change into Phoebe for his personal pleasure, however a demon accidentally tells Phoebe all about Cole's plan as he thinks that Phoebe is Kaia who has shapeshifted into Phoebe. Cole meanwhile has sent a demon named Dex to help with Paige, Paige ends up getting arrested for something she didn't do which requires the sister's to bail her out only they need bail money and decide to use the house as bond to get Paige out. This was Cole's plan all along of course to get the deeds to the Manor so he could take it all over. The sister's have willingly handed over the Manor without their knowledge to Cole and he has now filled the manor with demons. Phoebe pretends to be Kaia being herself to get into the manor and fool the demons which works.

Summary:The Avatars make Cole an offer to join them he decides to accept their offer but he has something he wants to do. Cole uses his new powers to try to win Phoebe back, Cole believes that going into to an alternate reality then Piper and Phoebe would never meet Paige and he would still be with Phoebe as he blames Paige for turning Phoebe against him. So he casts a spell however just as he is casting his spell Paige sneezes and orbs out as she appears back she is no longer in her reality and has made it into Cole's new reality, where she is dead and the sister's are no longer a part of each other's lives and Phoebe is still with Cole. However not everything in this reality is exactly how Cole had planned it. Paige has no powers as technically she doesn't exist she calls for Leo who does appear but has no idea who she is and how she knows about magic. Piper is also not who she is in the other reality, she isn't with Leo and isn't pregnant and seeking revenge on every demon for killing Prue. Cole arrives outside of the manor, the Avatar is with him and asks him to undo the spell, he tells Cole that he is not an Avatar her and doesn't have any powers he also doesn't have any of the powers that he picked up from the demonic wasteland including Invincibility. Cole is married to Phoebe and the two of them live in the Manor. He is thrown a surprise birthday party for his 118 th birthday, Phoebe appears down the stairs looking gorgeous and Cole gives her a compliment making Phoebe suspicious, he tries to kiss her and she pushes him away which confuses Cole. See in this reality Cole and Phoebe may be a couple but they are not really together. After Paige convinces both Piper and Phoebe that she is in fact their sister and that Cole is evil and they are in a different reality, they come together to vanquish Cole. Cole does not know how Paige made it into this reality and is not happy about it but believes he can get rid of her and save his marriage. However Phoebe does not want Cole in any reality and grabs the potion from Paige. Cole believes that Phoebe won't throw the potion and that she loves him too much. Phoebe however has had enough and throws the potion at Cole. Cole bursts into flames and is vanquished forever.

Book Of Shadows


To Call Upon Our Ancestors
Prudence, Penelope
Patricia, Melinda...
Astrid, Helena
Laura and Grace
Halliwell Witches
Stand strong beside us
Vanquish this evil
from time and space.

To Vanquish the Source
The Power of Three we now decree!
The Power of Three will set you free!
The Power of Three will destroy thee!


Episode #4x19 The sister's discover Cole is 'The Source'.
This episode in which Cole is killed will be Cole Turner's 118th birthday!.
This is Julian McMahon's last episode as a regular cast member, he briefly returns in season #7 in the episode The Seven Year Witch

Images of The Source from "Season #4 of Charmed

Images of evil Cole from "Season #5 of Charmed



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