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#7x01 A Call To Arms

7x01:A Call To Arms

Shakti, the Hindu Goddess
of Creation and Shiva,
the God of Destruction
are commonly invoked at
weddings because they're
reconsidered to be the
Ultimate Lovers.
Shakti, also called The
Ultimate Mother, and
Shiva, together created All
Things, and if they
consummate their love
again, All Things will be
obliterated and the
Universe will be reborn...

Magic School Books
To Remove Gods From Mortals
We call upon the mortal ways,
And Gods who guide but may not stay.
We seek those of divinity,
To separate from and set them free.

#7x02 The Bare Witch Project

7x02:The Bare Witch Project

To Send Lady Godiva Back
From lands afar in time and space,
take her now from this our place,
one that dwells so must remain,
send her back to her domain.

To Summon Lord Dyson
We look to find the evil set free,
bring this demon before us three.

To Send Lady Godiva And Lord Dyson Back
From lands afar in time and space,
take them now from this our place.
Two that dwell so must remain,
send them back to their domain.

To Summon Lady Godiva
Where royals once lived, so did she,
Bring forth the naked lady from the eleventh century.

To Return To Your Own Time
A time for everything,
and to everything its place
Return what has been moved
through time and space.

#7x03 Cheaper By The Coven

7x03:Cheaper By The Coven

To Summon The Dead
Hear these words
hear my cry
Spirit from the
other side
Come to me I
summon thee
Cross now the Great Divide

To Resolve Sibling Rivalry
Pass your petty jealousies to darkest night.
Let these feuding siblings no longer fight.

Patty Halliwell's General Reversal Spell
Reverse the spell from the book
and please restore what was took.

Freezing Spell
Let this girl,
Quick as a sneeze,
Stop this snit
And quickly freeze.

To Call The Halliwell Matriarchs
I call forth from space and time
Matriarchs of the Halliwell Line
Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends
Our family spirit without end.
To gather now, in this sacred place
and help us bring this child to grace.

#7x04 Charrrmed!


To Call Forth The Fountain Of Youth
With these offerings, I call on thee,
Goddess of Fertility,
Rise now, show us the truth,
Give us the gift of eternal youth.

#7x07 Someone To Witch Over Me!

7x07:Someone To Witch Over Me

Celerity Demons
Celerity Demons are powerful beings
who can move at the speed of light
and feed off of lesser demons.
Proud, solitary, aggressive and
with quickness faster than human
sight they are very difficult to both
find and fight.

However, destroying one is
possible...Boil mandrake root,
hummingbird wings, eye of newt and
Sagan's Strings.

To See Guardian Angels
Show me what the evil sees,
Even if at lightning speeds.

#7x10 Witchness Protection

7x10:Witchness Protection

One of the
most powerful Demons of
the Underworld,
Zankou is a threat
to all that is good
and feared even by his
own kind. So great
were his abilities
and ambitions, he
once contested
The Source for
control of the

To Release Zankou
Lexanero bestia!

Humanity Spell
The Power of Three now acts as One,
To make this Demon come Undone.
We Vanish the powers and evil of She,
Now Bless her with Humanity.

#7x11 Ordinary Witches

7x11:Ordinary Witches

To Exchange Powers
What's mine is yours,
What's yours is mine
Let our powers cross the line
I offer up this gift to share
Switch our powers through the air.

#7x14 Carpe Demon

7x14:Carpe Demon

Mercury Demons
Millennia ago
these demons
worked in the
service of
Mercury, the self
Roman God of
In modern times
they've evolved
into a powerful
clan of upper level

Hatched from eggs
that incubate in the
eternal flames of
Hades, these
Demons have the
power to fire
thermal blasts that
can take down
lesser demons in
one shot.

Though this power
makes them
formidable foes,
they can be
vanquished with
the Power of Three.
To Reveal The Inner Demon
Darkness within cannot be undone
Embrace your true self

To Vanquish A Demonic Sorcerer
Evil blast we cannot use
The Power of Three now lights the fuse

To Bring A Sorcerer To Oneself
Sorcerer of darkness, demon of fright
I call you now into my sight

#7x15 Show Ghouls

7x15:Show Ghouls

Tips For Future Whitelighters
To my sons, Wyatt and Chris,
Here is some information to assist and guide you
in the discovery of your new found powers.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, so
you'll possess all the powers I have, and more.

Good luck...

When you're ready, you'll receive a call from the Elders.
Emotions are tied to your powers, use them to become stronger.
Don't worry, whitelighters can speak the language of their charges,
whatever it is.
Orbing: Concentrate, focus and relax, it'll happen.
Always remember your family is just as important as your calling.
If you feel out of balance, try meditating, it will help.
Know that love is the key to your healing hands.
Understand that whatever happens in the future, there is good
inside of you.

One of the few diabolical Traders of Souls who
thrives off of the prolonged suffering of Spirits.
He preys on the afterlife, especially those paying
Wages of Sin. He may be found in bordellos,
bars, nightclubs and the like... and is most
susceptible by the Light of Day.

To Find Lost Souls
Free our souls from their shells,
see where the lost spirits dwell.
Long enough to find their pain,
quick enough to return again.

Escape From The Ordinary
The Five Card Spread

— useful in determining a course of action —
Instructions: Place the five cards,
face up in the shape of a box.
Card 1: The Magician
Card 2: The Chariot
Card 3: Two of Wands
Card 4: Eight of Pentacle
Card 5: Death
This spread works best if while playing the
cards, you concentrate on your potential
course of action within the situation, card
5 shows the desired results—in this case, a
change from one world to another. When the
cards are placed, speak the following:

"Vita Brevis Abraxis!"
Magic School Books
Possesions, Confession, And Ghostly Obsessions - Lost Souls

Lost Souls are spirits of the dead, unable to move on because of spiritual confusion.
Thesespirits haunt the locations of their own death where they are suspended between Above
and Below. Invisible to humans, they hold each other back, and both good and bad souls are
unable to move on such as dying a violent death together. The souls remain trapped in a time
loop, reliving the day of their death over and over again. They are lost, stuck, in their respective
afterlives, unaware of their tragic fate. Although there are spells to allow a witch to see the
moment when souls became lost, it is very rare that the Lost Souls can be saved.

#7x17 Scry Hard

7x17:Scry Hard

To Summon A Nexus
Natum Adai Necral,
Daya Intay Layok!

Shortened Woogyman Spell
I am light,
I am one too strong to fight.
So go away and leave my sight,
And take with you this endless night.

#7x18 Little Box Of Horrors

7x18:Little Box Of Horrors

Magic School Books
Armed with her deadly sai, this
shapeshifter demon known as Katya has
a long history of evil ambitions. Serving
for centuries under various Dark
Demonic Lords of the Underworld, she
watched what she considered lesser evils
advance past her in the line of succession
to upper-level demondom. Determined
and crafty, Katya consolidated her
abilities until she was ready to initiate
her own plans and become a powerful
and unpredictable rogue player in the

#7x19 Freaky Phoebe

7x19:Freaky Phoebe

Considered to be little more than a hag by most
upper-level demons, Imara dreams of power and beauty denied to her in
the Underworld. She is master of spells and incantations, however, and her ambitions
make her dangerous and unpredictable.

An Infiltrator Demon who
operates above ground. This
Upper-Level Demon adheres
himself to positions of great power,
including all high rank posts of
government, security and justice.

Soul Swapping Spell
Ekat ym luos.
Ekat a demrahc eno.
Edart meht won.

Imara Vanquishing Spell
Lock of hair completes our goal
to help reclaim our sister's soul,
Banish this evil, spare no pain,
Bring Phoebe back from the ghostly plane.

#7x20 Imaginary Friends

7x20:Imaginary Friends

Little is known of
Vicus except that
he is a demon who preys on
magical children, turning them down
the path of evil. He can cloak himself
and become invisible to everyone but his victims.

To Summon Future Wyatt
Help this mother and understand
The thoughts inside her little man
Though his mouth be quiet,
Let us hear his inner Wyatt.

To Return Wyatt To His Timeline
Help this mother and understand
The thoughts inside her little man
Though his mouth be quiet,
Let us hear his inner Wyatt.

To Remove A Curse
Evil taints what was once held dear,
Remove this curse away from here.

#7x21 Death Becomes Them

7x21:Death Becomes Them

Demonic Alchemists
"Demonic Alchemists have the ability to control the undead
but lack the power to bring them back to life.
They need an upper-level demon for that." ~Leo Wyatt

#7x22 Something Wicca This Way Goes

7x22:Something Wicca This Way Goes

To Turn Zankou Into A Pig
Something wicked
In our midst
In our home
where he exist

To Banish A Suxen
From ancient time this power came,
For all to have but none to reign.
Take it now, show no mercy,
For this power can no longer be.

To Seperate A Witch From Her Power
From ancient time this power came,
For all to have but none to reign.
Take it now, show no mercy,
For this power can no longer be.

Used by Zankou to gain Piper and Phoebe's Powers.



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