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#5x01-02 A Witch's Tale PT I & II

5x01-02:A Witch's Tale PT I & II

Sea Hag
The Sea Hag is a malevolent magical being
known for tempting Mermaids to give up
their immortality for the love of a human.
She then collects their immortal essence for
barter with powerful demons. She possesses
a vast array of powerful magic, drawn from
the brine of the Sea.

To Track The Sea Hag
Powers of the witches rise,
Find the hag who speaks in lies
Balance chakra, focus chi
Lead us through the cruel, cruel sea.

Sea Hag's Spell To Find A Mermaid
Water, rise up from the sea,
Find the one who fled from me
Follow where the winds are cold,
Then fall tenfold like days of old..

Necron is a Skeletal Being who hovers between Life
and Death. This demon has the power to incinerate
any living creature to feed on its life force. These stolen
life forces sustain Necron through centuries of unlife,
though he requires an unending supply of living essence
to keep him from decaying further.

Fearless Spell
Locked in,
Boxed in,
Full of fear,
My panic grows manic till I can't hear,
In need of reprieve,
So that I can breathe,
Remove my fear,
please make it leave..

To Reveal One's Emotions
Open Phoebe's heart to Cole,
Reveal the secret that it holds,
Bring forth the passion of love's fire,
That he may feel her true desire.

To Vanquish A Skeletal Being
Tide of evil washed ashore,
Bring its darkness evermore,
With all our strength we fight this fate,
Make this evil obliterate.

#5x03 Happily Ever After

5x03:Happily Ever After

To Trap Apprentice In Mirror
Freedoms lost must be unwitting,
Into the glass to do my bidding.

To Wake Someone From A Poisoned Slumber
Hear our call,
for those who fall,
Purge her to awaken,
from this toxic taken.

Evil Witch Vanquishing Potion
Mandrake root,
mustard seed
unknown other ingredients

#5x04 Siren Song

5x04:Siren Song

The Siren
As a mortal the Siren fell in
love with a married man, but
when they were caught, the man
was held blameless. The village
women cheered as they burned
her to death and her rage turned
her into a Siren; a vengeful demon
who seduces married men with her
song, then destroys the couples
with the very flames that consumed her.

To Summon A Siren
Oh singing lady of the dusk,
Who preys on men, turns love to lust,
We hearken ye into presence,
To vanquish thee evil essence.

Vanishing Spell
Let the Object
of Objection
Become but
a Dream
As I cause
the Seen
to be Unseen

#5x06 The Eyes Have It

5x06:The Eyes Have It

To Call Upon Our Ancestors
Prudence, Penelope,
Patricia, Melinda,
Astrid, Helena,
Laura and Grace.
Halliwell witches
stand strong beside us,
Vanquish this evil
from time and space.

To Call Upon Our Ancestors - Ava
Marina, Teresa, Lydia...
Nicolae gypsies stand strong beside us,
Vanquish this evil from time and space.

#5x07 Sympathy for the Demon

5x07:Sympathy for the Demon

To Find A Lost Love
Whither My Love
Wherever You Be
Through Time
And Space
Take My Heart
Nearer To Thee

Penny Halliwell Vanquishing Spell
Hellspawn demon,
creature of death
Fire shall take your very breath!

Power Stripping Potion
This potion includes the following ingredients;

a pinch of dandelion,
a dash of chickweed
billing's root.

The water must be shaken for two-hundred heartbeats before adding the ingredients.

#5x08 A Witch In Time

5x08:A Witch In Time

Future Bacarra's Spells

To Cover an Entry

To Deflect A Witch's Power
Murus Adigo!

To Reveal an Invisible Witch
Aspectus Invisus!

To Put Someone Asleep

To Break a Magic Freeze
Glacies Imber!

To Apport an Object

To Create Fireballs
Incendiares Globus!

Spell with Unknown Effect

Petrification Spell
We call upon Medusa's bones,
Turn their flesh into stone.

To Disempower A Witch
A Red Ribbon Tie
Round a Fresh Human Heart.
The Witch's Powers
Will Then Depart.

Enchant the Following:

Before The Passing of
This hour
Take away
All Their Powers.

#5x09 Sam, I Am

5x09:Sam, I Am

Related to the darklighters, trackers are harder to kill
as they are unaffected by those means used to dispose
of darklighters. With their distinctive markings, trackers
pick off weak whitelighters to help thin the ranks of good.
The tracker will never give up once it has a whitelighter
in its sights. The only chance for the survival depends on
vanquishing the tracker.

#5x10 Y Tu Mummy Tambien

5x10:Y Tu Mummy También

A Demon known not
only for his witch
killing, but also for
his rituals of
His evil dates as far
back as ancient Egypt
and in the past few
decades he has
surfaced in the
Middle East, Cairo,
Istanbul and Tripoli.
He can be identified
by the sand that is left
behind in the wake of
his dematerialization.

Mummifying Spell
Saqqara tiet ushebti

To See What Someone Has Been Scrying For
Scrying secrets, come to me
drop again so I might see.

Possession Spell
Khet mastaba hotep ka

To Drive a Soul out of a Body
Together no more through time,
expel her soul, leave only mine.

To Drive Isis' Soul out of a Body
Two warring souls now burn inside
where only one can reside.
I call upon the Power of Three,
to save her body and set her (Paige) free.

Demummifying Spell
Dromos wabet khufu nemes akh

#5x11 The Importance of Being Phoebe

5x11:The Importance of Being Phoebe

To Remove Phoebe's Powers
This Witch's power can not fight,
the lure of Evil's magic might,
before misuses lands her in hell,
remove the powers of Phoebe Halliwell.

To Summon A Nexus
This Witch's power can not fight,
the lure of Evil's magic might,
before misuses lands her in hell,
remove the powers of Phoebe Halliwell.

Woogyman Spell
I am light
I am one too strong to fight
Return to dark where shadows dwell
You can not have this Halliwell!
So go away and leave my sight
and take with you
this endless night!

#5x13 House Call

5x13:House Call

The Witch Doctor
Little is known of Witch Doctors
except for their dedication to expel
evil spirits from demonic footholds.
Using strange unknown magic rituals, Witch
Doctors feel their outsider status as watchdogs
of evil gives them the freedom to attack evil in
all its shifting guises.

They may be summoned via the following spell:

Combine Liverwort, Pinch of Dragon
Root and Snakeskin over Chant:

Free us from the ties that bind
Of evil magic entertwined
We call upon the one who cures
He who's to the Dark inured.

Vanishing Spell
Let the Object
of Objection
Become but
a Dream
As I cause
the Seen
to be Unseen

Purification Spell

#5x14 Sand Francisco Dreamin'

5x14:Sand Francisco Dreamin'

Tracer Demons
These lower-level
demons are prized
as mercenaries in
the underworld
for their ability
to follow magical
prey across
and cunning
they are nearly
impossible to

Sleeping Spell
Let we who waken from our sleep,
return at once to slumber deep.

#5x15 The Day Magic Died

5x15:The Day Magic Died

Return To Sender Spell
Take this beast, before I end her,
Ship her back, Return to sender.

To Vanquish a Demon with a Unicorn's Horn
Beast of legend, myth and lore,
Give my words the power to soar,
And kill this evil evermore.

#5x16 Baby's First Demon

5x16:Baby's First Demon

Hawker Demons
A breed of demon
known for hawking
magical goods at the
Hawkers prefer to stay in their stale
selling, but when their customer's demands
and rates are high they are known to go
out into the world to collect goods. Their
natural prey is anything they can sell.

#5x17 Lucky Charmed

5x17:Lucky Charmed

Saleel uses Constrictor
like methods to kill his
prey, squeezing the life
from them. Although he is
extremely elusive, he can
be vanquished with this

1 tsp mandrake root
1 tsp fresh pussy-willow
¾ cup witch-hazel
½ cup liquid soap

Combine Mandrake, pussy-willow and
witch-hazel over low flame, stir until
ingredients are coated. Add soap slowly
and let cool to room temperature.

To Restore Personal Loss
Personal loss should not be mine,
Restore this sweater and make it fine.

To Find Good Luck
To find good luck,
finances have run amok,
Creditors I soon must duck.
I cast this spell go find good luck,
And hope my life will cease to suck.

To Call For A Rainbow Road
Go n-éirí an bóthar leat

To Wish Good Luck
Sláinte is táinte

To Curse Someone With Bad Luck
Marbhfháisc ort

#5x18 Cat House

5x18:Cat House

Familiars are enchanted
creatures who follow and
guide new witches to protect
them while they learn the
Craft. While they are often
cats, other animals, like
dogs, rabbits, horses and
snakes can be familiars as
well. Familiars are naturally
attuned to the seasons
and phases of the moon and
can be helpful in teaching
the young witch a
heightened awareness
of her environment.

Piper Halliwells Memory Spell
Let the Truth be Told,
Let our Lives Unfold
So we can Relive our Memories,
and Stop being Enemies.

#5x19 Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun

5x19:Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun

To Turn An Immortal Demon Into A Tree
Changing Seasons Changes All
Life Renews as Creation Calls
Nothing is Immune, Everything Transmutes
So take this demon and give him roots.

#5x20 Sense And Sense Ability

5x20:Sense And Sense Ability

Monkey Totem
In the later 15th century,
Sorcerer Kheel created a
sense stealing monkey to
assist him in defeating
his enemies.
But the sorcerer was a
harsh task master and
the monkey turned on
him by stealing his
scolding voice.
The sorcerer then punished
the simian by turning
him into a totem, which
retains the ability to steal
the senses of its victims.

The Crone
The Crone is a well
known and respected
advisor of evil whose
ability to foresee the
future makes her
valuable. Heard of more
than seen, she is an
upper-level demon who
possesses upper-level
demonic powers. A
high-level demonic
vanquishing spell
can kill her.

#5x21 Necromancing The Stone

5x21:Necromancing The Stone

To Vanquish Creeper Demons
Demons who dwell
in slivers of night
Uncloak his shadows
to Witch's sight.

To Summon The Dead
Hear these words
hear my cry
Spirit from the
other side
Come to me I
summon thee
Cross now the Great Divide.

To Truth Spell
For those who want the
truth revealed,
Opened hearts and secrets
From now until it's
now again,
After which the memory
Those who now are
in this house,
Will hear the truth
from other's mouths.

The Necromancer
The Necromancer is not a demon
but the ghost of a demon who was
vanquished. Mostly dwelling in the
spirit realm he has dominion over
the dead, although he has been
known to escape to the land of the
living. He no longer possesses
powers of his own but feeding on
the souls of the magical dead
imbues him with temporary life. The
length of his empowerment depends
on the strength of the Spirit.

Grams' Notes:

Favorite dinner: Lamb chops with Mint Jelly
Enjoys Clark Gable pictures
Enjoys Luxuries of LIFE!
Willing to do anything to live!!
A user and a liar

To Vanquish A Ghost And Return Him To His Rest
To fight the evil spirit on the astral
plane it is necessary to join him
in death.
mix the following:

a pinch of oleander
a pinch of jimsonweed
a pinch of bloodroot
a pinch of hollyhock seeds

Grind to a fine powder and
take with the juice of

After battle is joined,
chant the following

"ashes to ashes
spirit to spirit
take his soul,
banish this evil."

continue chanting without ceasing
until the evil spirit disintegrates.
this spell must only be
attempted with a partner.
after not more than four minutes
the dead one must be awakened,
lest she too becomes
a spirit in fact.

To Call The Halliwell Matriarchs
I call forth from space and time
Matriarchs of the Halliwell Line
Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends
Our family spirit without end.
To gather now, in this sacred place
and help us bring this child to grace.

#5x22-23 Oh My Goddess PT I & II

5x22-23:Oh My Goddess PT I & II

The Titans
In the days of Ancient Greece the Titans were
God-like beings who ruthlessly ruled the earth.
Like other magical beings their powers were tied
to their emotions but on a much grander scale.
A burst of Titan rage could spark a massive
earthquake or a hurricane of epic proportions.

The mortals of the era were terrified
by these beings' abilities and worshiped them
as Gods in the hopes of appeasing them.
Ultimately the Titans could not be vanquished
and the only way they could be stopped was
by magically entombing them in ice, an act which
brought an end to their terrible reign.

To Free The Titans
Emergo dormio libertas cæles dicio!

To Release the Essences of the Greek Goddesses
Eccere, oh, gee,
Ac mando ma mento.



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