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#3x03 Once Upon A Time

3x03:Once Upon A Time

To See The Unseen
In this 'tween time, the darkest hours,
We call upon the sacred power
Three together stand alone
Command the unsee to be shown .
In innocene we search the skies
Enchanted are our newfound eyes.

The mystical fey that inhabit the enchanted
worlds of the magical realms. These flighty pranksters
can only be seen by combining the spells,
To See What Can't Be Seen,
To Cultivate Innocence, and The Power of Three Spell.

#3x06 Primrose Empath

3x06:Primrose Empath

To Relinquish an Empaths Power
Free the empath
Release his gift
Let his pain
Be cast adrift.

For centuries this immortal hitman has terrorized supernatural beings and innocents alike. His innate defenses, combined with his ability to burn his victims to death, have allowed him to successfully eliminate numerous forces of good. Staying out of his line of attack is the wisest course of action.

#3x08 Sleuthing With The Enemy

3x08:Sleuthing With The Enemy

Belthazor Vanquish Potion
Spirits of air, forest, and sea
Set us of this demon free
Beasts of hoof, and beasts of shell
Drive this demon back to hell.

To Summon Belthazor
Magic forces black and white
Reaching out through space and light
Be he far, or be he near
Bring us the demon Belthazor here.

#3x09 Coyote Piper

3x09:Coyote Piper

Using metaphysical tools and
Dark Magic, Alchemists can
transform any substance into another.
For example, an Alchemist's
evil Powers can turn Water
into Gold and Energy into Matter.
Similarly, these demons also
have the innate ability to
transform the Dead into the
Living by calling the Souls
back into corpses.

To Expel A Life Essence
Host soul; reject the poison essesnce
Let love's light end this cruel posession.

Resurrection Spell
Caducas Exanimas Vita Ethos Anima.

Kierkan is the most powerful Alchemist known
to exist and he has often used his
expertise to disrupt the natural order
for his own destructive missions.
Even though many Witches are
capable of defeating Alchemist
demons, only the Power of Three
has the might to eliminate Kierkan.
When seeking to Vanquish an Alchemist
Demon use the following Spell:

Let Flesh be Flesh, and Bone be Bone
the Alchemist shall transform none.
Cruel Scientist of Evil Born
with these words face the Fire's Scorn.

Alchemist's Tools
Essence Bearer
An Alchemist would use a bottle such as this
to capture and/or store a Life essence. A
Life Essence is comparable to a human soul, but
made in a mixing lab. A well made Life Essence
can possess any living being but would prove toxic
and eventually lethal to the being's pre-existing Soul

Crimson Scalpel
This ceremonial instrument is used by an Alchemist to open
an incision in a body. The Demon then performs an
incantation on the blood and lets it drip into the
Essence Bearer, where it is mixed with
other ingredients and transformed into a Life Essence.

Blazing Alembic
This apparatus transforms matter into energy.
The Alchemist deposits matter in this device
and heats it over a ritualistic flame.
After the Alchemist invokes Dark
Spirits, the matter distills into energy
which can be manipulated for evil purposes.

This contraption transforms one type
of matter into another. An Alchemist
places the initial substance inside the
first cylinder. Then, as the Alchemist
chants, the substance magically
materializes in the second cylinder
in an entirely different form.

#3x10 We All Scream For Ice Cream

3x10:We All Scream For Ice Cream

The Ice Cream Man
In the guise of a man selling ice cream, this mortal is
responsible for capturing demonic children.
To lure his prey, the ice cream man plays the devil's chord
which is a series of notes that when sounded together
specifically attract demon kids like moths to a flame.
Once lured, the ice cream man then sucks the demon
youngsters inside the vehicle, where the children find themselves on
a magical playground and trapped in that world,
the young demons must face the Nothing.

The Nothing
This dangerous force exists in the magical world within
the Ice Cream Man’s vehicle. The Nothing absorbs both good
and evil beings without warning, leaving behind nothing
in their wakes. Since this force does not discriminate in its
choice of victims, it targets innocents and demons alike.
The Ice Cream Man uses the Nothing to vanquish demon
children after luring them into his vehicle.
In that magical world, there is no escape from the
Nothing. Sooner or later, it comes for everyone.

#3x11 Blinded By The Whitelighter

3x11:Blinded By The Whitelighter

To Vanquish Eames
A cunning Warlock who has collected
the power of Cloning, Transmogrification, and Fire.
In 1991, Eames murdered a Witch in Glasgow,
Scotland and stole the Cloning Power.
In 1989, Eames killed a Witch in Nairobi, Kenya
and took the Power of Transmogrification.
All witches should consider
him to be a serious threat.

Bestowed upon one witch in
a generation, the Power of
Deflection is a witch's best
shield against the forces of
Darkness. Deflection can be
used against all Supernatural
powers, including those of
Good, and, potentially, it could
be manipulated to defend evil as well.
Like a shield, the Deflection power must be
consciously activated; therefore, a Witch with
this power is vulnerable when unaware of an
impending supernatural attack.

Eames Vanquishing Spell
Time for amends and the victims' revenge,
Cloning power turn sour;
Power to change, turn strange.
I'm rejectin' your deflection.

#3x12 Wrestling With Demons

3x12:Wrestling With Demons

The Academy
It is our belief that humans who enter into demonic
contracts can be recruited into the Academy.
This is the means by which The Source creates new
Demons. The subject must survive a grueling
physical ordeal to be admitted to the Academy.
Following admittance, the subject begins a long and
brutal training program which destroys Humanity
and renders the subject Demonic. Upon completion of
the program, the subject must kill an innocent in order
to prove that the Demonic Conversion is complete.
Chevrons are earned as training progresses. Five
chevrons are earned in the course of Academic study.
A sixth chevron, awarded for the death of an
innocent, indicates the Demonic Conversion is
complete. Additional chevrons represent great service
to The Source and the increased Powers that are
Bestowed in return.

Lost and Found Spell
Guiding spirits I ask your charity,
Lend me your focus and clarity,
Lead me to the one I cannot find,
Restore that and my peace of mind.

Reversal Spell
I return what I didn't want to find.
Let it be out of sight, out of mind.

#3x13 Bride and Gloom

3x13:Bride and Gloom

To Kill A Female Warlock
Through this Book
Weave this Spell
Create the Pain
Of Heaven and Hell
May She Suffer
Until She Cries
Her tears will run
and then she Dies.

Hemlock Killing Spell
Through this Book
Weave this Spell
Create the Pain
Of Heaven and Hell
May She Suffer
Until She Cries
Her tears will run
and then she Dies.

Dark Priestess
Through this Book
Weave this Spell
Create the Pain
Of Heaven and Hell
May She Suffer
Until She Cries
Her tears will run
and then she Dies.

The Dark Binding
In the Beginning you were damned
And through damnation you found freedom, power, and purpose
As I unite you today
I remind you of those gifts
And in your union
May these gifts increase
So your powers may grow
In the Service of Evil
So be it.

#3x15 Just Harried

3x15:Just Harried

Handfasting is the eternal joining
of two people in Love.
It is a sacred ceremony of commitment
presided over by a High Priestess.
Best performed at a time
of sunrise or sunset when both
the Sun and the Moon are present
in the joining of the two Lovers.

#3x17 Pre-Witched


Ceremony To Contact The Dead
To perform this ritual, you will need six candles,
White and Purple in color and a white cloth.
In addition, you will need to sweeten the air by
burning cinnamon, frankincense, and sandlewood. As the fire burns, concentrate on
contacting the Spirit and Chant the Spell that follows.
If you know the mortal name of the deceased,
adjust the Chant accordingly..

How To Perform A Seance
Beloved Unknown Spirit,
We Seek your Guidance.
We ask that You Commune
with Us and move among Us.

To Vanquish A Familiar Warlock
Beloved Unknown Spirit,
We Seek your Guidance.
We ask that You Commune
with Us and move among Us.

#3x21 Look Who's Barking

3x21:Look Who's Barking

Banshee is a Demon who
wanders the earth
feeding on souls in
great pain. Hunting
only at night, this
Demon uses her voice
as a high pitched Call
to locate a victim, by
hearing the inner cry.
She does this by
zeroing in on the waves
of pain that emanate
from the stricken
A Banshee then
elevates her Call
into a Scream, so
powerful it kills
those she targets.

To Track A Banshee
The piercing cry
That feeds on pain
And leaves more
Sorrow than it gains
Shall now be heard
By one who seeks
To stop the havoc
That it wreaks.

To Summon Belthazor
This Spell forcibly calls Belthazor by Connecting
a Witch's Magic to this Demon's Magic.
Magic Forces
Black and White
Reaching out Through
Space and Light
Be He Far Or
Be He Near
Bring Us the Demon
Belthazor Here.

Cole's Human Form
Cole likes walks in the park,
jazz, fine wine. He's ticklish
(toes and waist especially) He's
an excellent salsa dancer, pretends
otherwise. He likes steak,
medium rare, and artichokes.
He's great in bed. Good stamina.
Belthazor/Cole Turner
Born: 1885
Father: Benjamin - Human
Mother: Elizabeth - Demon

#3x22 All Hell Breaks Loose

3x22:All Hell Breaks Loose

Demonic hitman called
out for only the top
assignments by
the Source.
Corporealizes out of
wind and air. Method
of attack is a ferocious
blast of wind that can
be lethal to its victim.

Shax Vanquishing Spell
Evil wind that blows, That which forms below, No longer may you dwell, Death takes you with this spell.



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