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#2x01 Witch Trial

2x01:Witch Trial

To Vanquish Abraxas
Hear now the words of the witches
the secrets we hid in the night
The oldest of gods are invoked here
The great work of magic is sought
In this night and in this hour
I call upon the ancient power
Bring your powers to we sisters three
We want the power, Give us the power

#2x02 Morality Bites

2x02:Morality Bites

To Move Ahead In Time
Hear these words Hear the rhyme
We send to you the burning sign
Then our future selves we'll find
In another place and time.

To Create A Door
Hear these words Hear the rhyme
We send to you the burning sign
Then our future selves we'll find
In another place and time.

To Erase A Memory
Thoughts, Beliefs, Ideas, truths, Images
All of these you hold onto tightly
What I mention now you will release.

To Bind
I take your hands in mine,
And with this string I will entwine,
Your powers I'll forever bind,
From now until the end of time.

To Discourage A Lover
Your love for me shall be no more.
Make your feelings only pure.
Look upon another face.
There's will mine now replace.

#2x03 The Painted World

2x03:The Painted World

Smart Spell
Spirits, send the words From all across the land
Allow me to absorb them Through the touch of either hand
For 24 hours, from 7 to 7 I will understand
all meaning Of the words from here to heaven

To Free What is Lost
Mabsolvo Amitto Amplus Brevus Sempler Mea

Words Free Us All
Verba Omnes Liberant

#2x05 She's A Man Baby! A Man!

2x05:She's A Man Baby! A Man!

To Attract And Destroy A Succubus
By the forces of heaven and hell
Drawn to us this woman fell
Run from her foul desire
That she might perish,
As moth to fire.

#2x06 That Ol' Black Magic

2x06:That Ol' Black Magic

Scrying For Something Lost
Before the passing of this hour
Take Away all their powers.

To Disempower A Witch
A Red Ribbon Tie
Round a Fresh Human Heart.
The Witch's Powers
Will Then Depart.

Enchant the Following:

Before The Passing of
This hour
Take away
All Their Powers.

#2x07 They're Everywhere

2x07:They're Everywhere

To Hear Secret Thoughts
As the flame lights shadows and truth ends fear
Open locked thoughts to my mind's willing ear
May the smoke from this candle into everywhere creep
Bringing innermost voices to my mind in speech.

#2x12 Awakened


To Awaken Someone
Troubled Blood and sleep's unease
Remove the cause of this disease
Sleep eternal nevermore
And shift the source of illness borne
To this poppet whom none shall mourn

To Reverse The Awaken Spell
What was wakened from its sleep
Must once again slumber deep
Return the disease to whence it came
So life can ease back to the same

#2x13 Animal Pragmatism

2x13:Animal Pragmatism

Love Spell
From strike of 12 count 24
That's how long this spell is for
If to abate my lonely heart
And chant these gifts I thee impart

To Turn Something Into A Human
Something wicked in our midst
In animal form these spirits dwell
Make them humans sayth this spell.

To Reverse The Human Spell
Undo the magic acted here
Reverse the spell so all is clear.

#2x14 Pardon My Past

2x14:Pardon My Past

Past Life Spell
Remove the chains of time and space
And make my spirit soar
Let my mortal arms embrace
The life that haunts before.

To Switch Two Souls From Present To Past
In this time and in this place
Take the spirit I displace
Bring it forth while I go back
To inhabit a soul so black.

To Switch Two Souls From Past To Present
In this time and in this place
Take the spirit I displace
Bring it forth while I go back
To inhabit a soul so black.

#2x15 Give Me A Sign

2x15:Give Me A Sign

These fairies are sworn to the
protection of the sea,
the creatures who dwell within it,
and those who travel upon it.
They serve the Masters of the Water,
and are endowed with power
over tide and storm, wind and current.
When angered, they are capable
of great destruction, but when appeased,
they guarantee the sailor safe passage home.

Give Me A Sign Spell
I beseech all powers above Send a sign to free my sister's heart One that will lead her to her love.

Level Two Demon Weapon
This an example of
a type of weapon used
by Level Two Demons.

Ordo Malorum
Commanding the demonic legions,
these generals lead the war
against the forces of good.
To ascend in the unholy hierarchy,
they must capture and conquer
those witches who protect
the innocent and value good.
The servants of these generals
(also known as Level Two Demons)
can be identified by the weapons
which they carry.

#2x16 Murphy's Luck

2x16:Murphy's Luck

Good Luck Spell
From this moment on Your pain is erased Your bad luck as well.
Enjoy your good luck, Maggie You're free from this hell.

#2x17 How To Make A Quilt Out Of Americans

2x17:How To Make A Quilt Out Of Americans

To Call The Witches Power
Powers of the witches rise
Course unseen across the skies
Come to us who call you near
Come to us and settle here.

To Call Cryto
We call on the demon Cryto
Reach back through the ages
Humbled by his power
We invite him into our circle.

To Banish Cryto
What witches done and then undone
Return this spirit back within
And separate him from his skin.

#2x18 Chick Flick

2x18:Chick Flick

To Banish The Demon of Illusion
Evil that has travelled near,
I call on you to disappear,
Elementals hear my call
Remove this being from these walls.

#2x19 Ex Libris

2x19:Ex Libris

To Vanquish Libris
In the demonic hierarchies there
are none more insidious than
those who belong to this
order...for the work of the Libris
is to keep the world in Darkness
and Ignorance. The haunting
grounds of these monsters are
found wherever humans have the
potential to find unequivocal proof
of the existence of Demons.
To vanquish one of their ranks, a witch
must keep this rhyme close to her heart:

Demon hide your evil face
Libris die and leave not trace.

#2x21 Apocalypse, Not

2x21:Apocalypse, Not

To Vanquish The Demon of Anarchy
Sower of discord Your works now must cease I vanquish thee now with these words of peace.

To Save Prue
Sower of Discord Your help we implore
I summon thee now With these words of truce.



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