7x07 Someone To Witch Over Me


Season 7: Someone To Witch Over Me
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Rob Wright
Director: Jon Pare
Original Airdate: 31st October 2004
The sisters are assigned a new Whitelighter as the elders no longer trust Leo, but the new one is attacked by creatures, Leo is blamed for the attack so the sisters set out to prove that Leo didn't do it.


7x07:Someone To Witch Over Me

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Dorian Gregory » Darryl Morris
Jason & Kristopher Simmons » Wyatt
Drew Fuller » Adult Chris Halliwell
Neil Hopkins » Sarpedon
Peter Woodward » Aku
Joel Swetow » Alpha
Ian Anthony Dale » Gamma
Kerr Smith » Kyle Brody
Tommy Smeltzer » Quincy's Guardian
Deji Laray » Firefighter
Mark Chadwick » Quincy

Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows Entry:
Celerity Demons

Celerity Demons are powerful beings who can move at the speed of light and feed off of lesser demons.
Proud, solitary, aggressive and with quickness faster than human sight they are very difficult to both find and fight.
However, destroying one is possible ... Boil mandrake root, hummingbird wings, eye of newt and Sagan's Strings.

To See Guardian Angels

Show me what the evil sees,
Even if at lightning speeds.


Piper: And what about Brody?
Phoebe: Paige can take care of Brody - I think she likes taking care of Brody, if you know what I'm talking about.

Paige: So?
Phoebe: So we don't do fires. Firemen do fires. We do fireballs.

Phoebe: Leo, you get your butt down here right now or we will summon your ass!

Phoebe: Oh God, is he talking to that helicopter?
Paige: He's really cool.

Chris: That feeling is what it's all about Dad, you died fighting evil in the war, then you were re-born as a whitelighter to fight evil again, That led you to Mom, love, to all that's good. To the day Wyatt was born. To the day when I was born. Do you understand now? All the pain, all the sacrifices, it's all been for good. That's what you're all about Dad, that's what you've always been about, that's what the future's about too. You just need to believe in that again. Go, your family's waiting for you.

Leo: I don't understand. If I'm in the past, what are you doing here?
Chris: I'm guiding you.
Leo: So you're real?
Chris: No, but I represent something that is. I died in your arms, Dad. Killed by everything you thought was good. I'm your root pain...and I'm going to be sticking with you until you're ready to let me go.

Avatar Alpha: Duality is self-perpetuating. It feeds only on itself. That's why the battle has been raging since the dawn of time. There is no winner.
Leo: There can be.
Avatar Alpha: How? With good there is always evil, so the battle never ends. Not until there is nothing left. That is the future your fight is leading to. Not good, nor evil, only nothing.

Phoebe: So what do you think?
Paige: I think he's got some style.


3.9 Million viewers watched this episode.
Peter Woodward who played Aku has previously appeared playing the role of The Source. He will also appear in later episodes
Piper dies for an Eighth time and Phoebe dies for a Seventh time during the series.
Flashback episodes include The Courtship of Wyatt's Father The Day the Magic Died. and It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 2..


The Donnas » Fall Behind Me


Sarpedon is able to see Angels and he captures them in his amulet when they have been captured Sarpedon is then able to hear them whispering advising him what to do. After a man jumps from a building that is on fire but manages to walk away without being hurt but as he walks away the street freezes and there is a guardian angel who appears next to him he is there to tell him not to cross the road as there is a truck on it's way but Sarpedon also appears and draws the guardian angel into his amulet and leaves, leaving the man to walk into the road and get hit by the truck. Sarpedon summons his mentor Aku and challenges him to a fight. Aku is impresses as Sarpedon's fighting has improved howevere Sarpedon insists he needs more Guardian Angels to protect him. Sarpedon wants the Charmed Ones Guardians and goes to the Manor to attack them and take their guardians only Leo, Piper and Phoebe are protected by a crystal cage that Phoebe put them in Paige is downstairs and hears something going on so orbs into the attic and throws a potion but it doesn't work and she orbs into the crystal cage, Sarpedon takes Kyle after he follows Paige to the attic. After Sarpedon leaves with Kyle, Paige scries for him and orbs herself to his lair, but as Paige is searching for Kyle in the lair Sarpedon goes back to the Manor and attacks and kills Phoebe and Piper but just as he kills Piper she manages to blow him up and vanquish him.

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