7x05 Styx Feet Under


Season 7: Styx Feet Under
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Henry Alonso Myers
Director: Christopher Leitch
Original Airdate: 10th October 2004
Paige casts a protection spell on a man who is in danger, but the spell backfires and when Death appears to take his soul he is confused as to why the man is not actually dead. Death turns Piper into Death to do his job so that she can make right the problem they have with Paige's protection spell. Harriet Case is pregnant with Sirk's last living relative, so Phoebe and Paige must protect her from Sirk who is looking to kill all his relatives in order to become a full demon.


7x05:Styx Feet Under

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Dorian Gregory » Darryl Morris
Jason & Kristopher Simmons » Wyatt
Nick Lachey » Leslie St. Claire
Simon Templeman » Angel of Death
Zack Ward » Sirk
Michael Milhoan » Arthur Casey
Ely Pouget » Harriet Casey
Eddie Velez » Detective
Katie Wagner » Reporter
Kerr Smith » Kyle Brody
Charisma Carpenter » Kyra

Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows Entry:
No spells in this episode


Paige: Piper. I have something to tell you.
Piper: Paige...
Paige: You know that brown suede coat? You thought you lost it but, um, it's in my closet. And those earrings you liked. I borrowed them and I never gave them back.
Piper: You're stalling.
Paige: I know. But you can't blame a girl for trying.

Piper: You scared me!
Patient: I scared you?! Who are you, and what's happening?
Piper: Well, I think you might actually be... you know, dead. I know. Bummer, huh?

Paige: Okay fine. Piper's dead.
Phoebe: What?
Piper: I'm not dead. I'm Death. As if my life wasn't busy enough!

Piper: Okay, starting to panic!
Paige: Oh no.
Piper: Oh no? What could be more "oh no" than they're taking my body away for an autopsy?

Guy: Uh, forensics is done. We're gonna take the bodies if it's okay with you.
Inspector: Go ahead.
Piper: Where are they taking me?
Paige: Uh, where are you taking her?
Inspector: The morgue. After the autopsy we'll release your sister's body to you.
Piper: Oh no, no, no! They can't do that, they can't do that!
Paige: Stop yelling in my ear! No...no, you can't do an autopsy because you see, it's against our... religion!

Angel of Death: That's rather selfish of you, don't you think? Unless, of course, you think that death is pointless.
Piper: Well, I...
Angel of Death: It's not, you know. Far from it. Life only has meaning specifically because there is an end. Death is what forces people to live.

Piper: You know, we've given up a lot to make sure you have less work. I have two kids and a business, and I still find time to fight demons too. It's not our fault that you can't keep up.
Angel of Death: That isn't my problem.
Piper: Well it sure as hell isn't my problem.
Paige: Stop yelling at Death!
Piper: I don't care - he's getting on my last nerve.


4.8 Million viewers watched this episode.
This is the seventh time Piper dies and the eighth time Paige dies.
Death has a list, it contains names of a lot of the Charmed crew members.
Phoebe manages to get one of her powers back, the power of premonition.
The sisters face Barbas again, this time he is vanquished for good meaning this is the last episode of the actor of Billy Drago who plays Barbas.


No music in this episode.


Sirk is a half demon who is on a mission to become a full demon. Sirk must kill all his mother's side of the family in order for this to happen. For every member of family he kills he gains a new power, once he has killed every living member he will then become a full demon. Sirk tries to kill his uncle but he doesn't know that Paige has put a protection spell on him so when Sirk throws an energy ball to kill him it only makes a huge hole in his body and doesn't kill him meaning the protection spell Paige cast backfired. Sirk is fuming and and seeks out a seer to find out what happenened and why he is not a full demon. The Seer reveals he has one last living relative, an unborn child of his uncle who he tried to kill. Sirk goes to find Harriet and finds her in the chapel, he tries to kill her but is interuppted by the Charmed Ones, the sisters take Harriet to magic school where she will be safe. Sirk goes back to the Seer to find out how he can defeat the sisters. Phoebe and Leo meet with Sirk to try and come to a truce and save Harriet only Sirk knows what that Paige is behind him ready to vancquish him so he turns and kills Paige with a lightning bolt, as Sirk collects powers off those he kills he has now gained Paige's Orbing power and orbs himself to Magic School where Harriet is in hiding. Once inside Magic School Phoebe and Leo are able to vanquish the demon half of Sirk leaving him mortal but as his mortal side is also killed Death appears to claim his soul, Phoebe asks Death to trade Paige's soul for Sirk's soul, Death agrees and takes Sirks soul to the afterlife and returns Paige's to her body becoming alive again.

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