7x01 A Call To Arms


Season 7: A Call To Arms
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Brad Kern
Director: James L. Conway
Original Airdate: 12th September 2004
Piper and Leo attend a friends wedding, a Hindu wedding but they end up receiving powers of two Hindu gods Shakti and Shiva. Phoebe and Paige must try and stop the two of them consummating their love so they can save the universe. Leo seems to be on a mission to find Barbas and fight his inner demons, and do the sisters really vanquish Barbas? ... For good this time.


7x01:A Call To Arms

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Dorian Gregory » Darryl Morris
Jason & Kristopher Simmons » Wyatt
Nick Lachey » Leslie St. Claire
Billy Drago » Barbas
Rebecca Balding » Elise Rothman
Jenya Lano » Inspector Sheridan
James Avery » Zola
Hawthorne James » Demonic Healer
Betsy Randle » Mrs. Winterbourne
Brandscombe Richmond » Fierce Demon
Eddie Matos » Paramedic Garcia

Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows Entry:
Shakti, the Hindu Goddess
of Creation and Shiva,
the God of Destruction
are commonly invoked at
weddings because they're
reconsidered to be the
Ultimate Lovers.
Shakti, also called The
Ultimate Mother, and
Shiva, together created All
Things, and if they
consummate their love
again, All Things will be
obliterated and the
Universe will be reborn...

To Remove Gods From Mortals
We call upon the mortal ways,
And Gods who guide but may not stay.
We seek those of divinity,
To separate from and set them free.


Piper: How is his rash? Did he need oilment?
Paige: I don't know, I've been kind of procrastinating on that one. It's not my favourite thing to check.
Piper: Why? You don't have a problem checking Wyatt
Paige: Yeah, that's because I don't flash foward to Wyatt being twenty-two like I do with Chris
Piper: Yeah!... Right!... Ew!

Phoebe: No. Men do not give good advice.
Leslie: What about Dr. Phil?
Phoebe: Dr. Phil is a doctor.

Phoebe: Elise! I'm so sorry I'm late! It won't happen again!
Elise: Oh yes it will.

Piper: I can't go. The baby...
Phoebe: Needs to be exposed to a germ or two. Get out of the house, you know, build up his immune system.

Paige: I don't believe what I'm seeing.
Phoebe: Tell me about it. When was the last time you saw Piper grab Leo's ass?

Leo: I killed another elder.
Piper: It's not your fault - you were tricked.
Leo: Was I? What have I become?
Piper: Shhh. Oh, it's okay, it's okay. Nobody else has to know.

Paige: Oh my goodness! You're going outside? With them?
Piper: Yes. Can I go now? Or do you wanna make fun of me some more?
Paige: I'd really like to make fun of you some more, but I'll wait until you get back.

Phoebe: Have you guys thought about seeing a shrink?
Piper: Yeah, we did that.


5.5 Million viewers watched this episode.
For the past three seasons Charmed has had a double first episode, this is the first time in three years it's an individual episode.
Piper blows up the 400th evil being on the episode.
The director James L. Conway is married to Rebecca Balding who plays Elise.
The sisters face Barbas again, this time he is vanquished for good meaning this is the last episode of the actor of Billy Drago who plays Barbas.


Ashlee Simpson » Pieces Of Me
Butterfly Boucher » I Can't Make Me


Barbas is back again. He is trying to shake off Leo who is trying to find and kill him and he doesn't understand why. Leo tries to track Barbas, he nearly catches him many times but Barbas always manages to get away. Leo tracks Barbas to the top of Golden Gate bridge but when he gets there he only sees the Elder Zola. Barbas then gets into Leo's mind and convinces him that Zola is just like Gideon who was after Wyatt, so Leo attacks him but eventually lets him go. Barbas goes to a healer to heal his wounds where he sees a ghostly face the same face that Leo sees, he vanqishes the healer and gathers some demons together to help him take out the Charmed Ones while he focuses on baby Chris. As the demons attack Piper she is distracted whilst Barbas tries to take Chris. Piper manages to kill all the demons as she has six arms now that she is a Hindu God. Piper turns to see Barbas near Chris and blasts him. Barbas disappears again. Leo sees what happened and goes to find Barbas who again goes to the top of Golden Gate Bridge where Zola is. Barbas again gets into Leo's head and Leo attacks him again only this time he kills the elder. As Piper managed to wound Barbas Paige is able to scry for him using his blood. Phoebe and Paige track Barbas down where Paige throws a potion at Barbas which vanquishes him again into a pile of dust. It is assumed Barbas has been vanquished for good as he doesn't appear in the show again.

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