6x18 Spin City


Season 6: Spin City
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Andy Reaser, Doug E. Jones
Director: Mel Damski
Original Airdate: 18th February 2004
A spider demon cocoons Piper after she is kidnapped, the spider demon appears every hundred years to feed off a magical powerful being, but during the attack on Piper Chris becomes infected by the demon's venom which starts to turn him into a spider. Paige, Phoebe and Leo try to rescue Piper and Chris with some help from some of Paige's forest friends but whilst they are trying to save them Leo finds out why Chris doesn't really like him..


6x18:Spin City

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
James Read » Victor Bennett
Jason & Kristopher Simmons » Wyatt Halliwell
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe » Spider demon
Christopher Neiman » Sigmund
Hamilton Von Watts » Dennis
Kieren Hutchison » Mitch
Scott Adsit » Transformed Male Nymph
Gildart Jackson » Gideon
Matthew McGrory » Ogre
Billy Beck » Rathmere
David Joseph Steinberg » Riley
Nathaniel Lamar » Jeremy
Jeff Asch » Wimpy Guy
Kate Everard » Wood Nymph
Danielle Aubry » Old Transformed Fairy
Scout Taylor-Compton » Fairy
Sonje Fortag » The Wicked Witch of the Enchanted Forest

Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows Entry:
Spider Demon

An evil creature that emerges from its hidden lair every
hundred years to capture and feed of the most powerful
magical being it can detect. This demon can only be vanquished
by a potion blessed by the Power of Three..


A wizard of unknown age and uncertain origins.
Rathmere once possessed vast magical powers.
He is credited with more than 500 original spells and potions and would be a force to rival any other if not his mysterious disappearance in 1904
All that remains as evidence of his existence are his wand and his legacy of magic..

To Reverse the Spell of the Wicked Witch of the Enchanted Forest

You who found me in this bar,
Turn back to who you really are.


Spider Demon: Miss me?
Rathmere: I was hoping that you would let me die in peace.
Spider Demon: Oh, I'm sorry. I was raised to never leave any food on my plate.

Leo: Damn it!
Paige: Are Elders even allowed to swear?
Leo: No, but fathers are. Especially ones whose kid tries to kill them.
Phoebe: Well, technically, you can't die.

Piper: I don't want to interrupt her date with Mark.
Paige: It's Mike this week.
Chris: Actually, it's Mitch.

Paige: No wonder Chris grows up to be a neurotic little freak.

Piper: OK, what do you say we make this eight-legged freak wish she'd never been hatched?.
Chris: Whoa, hold it! You are not going anywhere, mom. This is way to risky.
Paige: He's actually right, without the Wyatt force field thing
Chris: OK, do you have to keep rubbing that in?
Paige: Aren't there any therapists in the future?

Paige: Are you excited?
Piper: About what?
Paige: About the doctor saying that the baby is perfectly healthy?
Piper: Paige, I know he's healthy. I've seen him twenty two and walking around.

Leo: Phoebe, Paige. How are you?
Phoebe: Not so good. We have a problem.
Leo: Perhaps we should meditate...


3.9 Million viewers watched this episode.
Cafe Le Blue is what used to be Quake the restaurant Piper worked in.
To summon a Leprechaun you can bang a shillelagh on the floor 3 times.
This is the last time Phoebe will use her Empathy power.


Butterfly Boucher » Life Is Short
Andy Stochansky » Shine


Spider Demon
Spider Demon is a demonic being who has been in her lair for a hundred yeaers only emerging from her cave to feed on magic from the most powerful being she can find. She keeps her victims in a cocoon of webs and when she is hungry she then drains the powers of the magical being, she had done this to Rathmere who is a powerful wizard. Rathmere has been missing for a long time the Spider Demon has been feeding off him for since 1904 and now he is close to dying she knows she must go out and find her next victim. After leaving her lair she manages to capture Piper and put her in a cocoon of web with the help of Chris. The Spider Demon goes back to her lair leaving Piper cocooned in the Manor and tells Rathmere she has found her next victim, a Charmed One. Rathmere warns her of the sisters but she does not listen she then kills Rathmere draining the last of the magic from him. Chris brings Piper to the Spider Demon who starts to feed off her but is interuppted by banging on her lair. When she goes to see she is confronted with Phoebe and Paige with some other magical friends they tell her they want Piper back. Whilst the fairy distracts the Spider Demon Phoebe kicked her and she landed on the ground the nymph then threw a potion at her but she turned into a spider and ran away but the ogre stamped on her and killed her, the webs cleared and Piper came out of the cocoon and Leo ran in to rescue her.

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