6x09 Little Monsters


Season 6: Little Monsters
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Julie Hess
Director: James L. Conway
Original Airdate: 16th November 2003
Piper, Phoebe and Paige end up looking after an orphaned half-manticore demon when they vanquish a manticore demon but Chris is unhappy and tells the sisters that they must kill the baby but they refuse as they think that if they raise the baby with love the baby will stay good and the baby and Wyatt seem to be getting on quite well. However a beast turns up and tries to kidnap the baby but ends up taking Piper instead where Piper learns that he is actually the baby's father and wants him back he enlists the help of Piper to bring back the baby and keep him away from the manticores, Darryl asks Paige for help and she gives him super powers, and Phoebe tells Jason how she really feels.


6x09:Little Monsters

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Drew Fuller » Chris Perry
Eric Dane » Richard
Seth Peterson » Derek
Eric Dane » Jason Dean
Caleeb Pinkett » Virgil
Alec Ledd » Tristan
Armando Pucci » Wine Captain
Brady Smith » SWAT Commander
Jason & Kristopher Simmons » Wyatt Halliwell

Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows Entry:
Vicious demons with supernatural strength and venomous claws.
Manticorescommunicate in high pitched cries and tend to travel in packs.

Invincibility Spell
Blessed with powers from my destiny,
I bless this hero with invincibility.


Paige: I think he likes you.
Chris: I don't care. Vanquish it.
Phoebe: Chris.
Chris: I mean it. Now.
Paige: No, we are not vanquishing a baby. What's wrong with you?
Chris: I'm just concerned that this could be the future evil that gets to Wyatt.
Paige: Don't be ridiculous.
Chris: What? I'm being ridiculous? There is a demon in the playpen.

Piper: What...what did you do?
Paige: I kinda forgot to reverse the spell I put on Darryl.

Piper: Chris, I'm a mother. I can't go around vanquishing babies, no matter how evil they are.
Chris: It's not how evil he is, it's how evil he's going to be. You've got to stop looking at him like he's a little baby and start looking at him like he's an unstoppable killing machine, because that's what he is.

Chris: Just out of curiosity, what's the elders' policy on vanquishing demon babies?
Leo: Why?
Chris: Because there's one playing with Wyatt in his playpen as we speak.

Phoebe: Look at how cute he is, so adorable. Oh, except when he does that weird little thing with his tongue.

Phoebe: Hey, if it's Jason, tell him I'm in the shower.
Piper: Are you avoiding him?
Phoebe: Uh, kind of. I sort of told him that I loved him last night.
Piper: Oh, and this is bad?
Phoebe: No, except I said 'I love you too' as if he said 'I love you' first, which he didn't.
Piper: So you told him he loved you before he told you he loved you?
Phoebe: Mmm hmm.
Piper: Yeah, that's not good.

Chris: What are you doing up here?
Leo: Communing with the others.
Chris: Can anyone see us?
Leo: Not me, but you look like a lunatic standing up here talking to yourself.


Why did the police officers or swat team not notice that Darryl had been hit with bullets and yet seemed fine, surely they would wonder how that happened.
Piper says to the best that if it's the potion they used he is lucky he wasn't killed as she made it, however Phoebe and Paige made the potion after Piper had been taken.


5.3 Million viewers watched this episode.
The WB promo for this episode is Hot Mamas.
Phoebe says she will bind the baby's powers meaning that demons powers can be bound too.
This is Dorian Gregory - Darryl Morris 50th Episode.


Shanti » The Beauty


Manticores are upper level demons who travel around in packs. They are very powerful demons known to have super strength with venemous claws too, like warlocks they are able to shimmer and have a high pitch cry that can be heard by other manticores. A female manticore mates with a mortal man so that they can create a hybrid, so their demonic children can intergrate into the mortal world. Once they have concieved they kill thir mates and raise the children. The sisters get into a fight with a manticore and vanquish her with an electric cable, but they soon realise there is a baby left behind and they have killed it's mother. They take the baby home with them and it bonds with Wyatt, but when Phoebe takes Wyatt away the baby cries and a beast appears to take the baby away but Wyatt protects them with his forcefield so the beast takes Piper. Phoebe and Paige realise they will need the help of the Manticores to get Piper back. Phoebe and Paige then make the baby cry so the Manticores show up but the beast shows up too and kills one of them the other one even though hurt shimmers away and the beast takes the baby. They use the blood of the manticore to track them down and ask for help. They find the baby and the beast, Phoebe and Paige rescue Piper but she makes them take her back, when they get there the beast has been attacked and the baby is gone, the Manticores have taken him. The beast turns into a human when Leo heals him and wants the sisters help to get the baby back from the Manticores. The sisters make a potion and go to the Manticores lair where the baby is too. Piper tries to make the baby play hide and seek so he doesn't see the sisters vanquish them. Once the baby shimmers out of sight the sisters throw the potion at the Manticores and vanquishes them all. Once the baby shimmers back they take him back to his dad.

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