6x06 My Three Witches


Season 6: My Three Witches
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Scott Lipsey, Whip Lipsey
Director: Joel J. Feigenbaum
Original Airdate: 26th October 2003
Leo tells the elders that Chris must be stripped of his Whitelighter status as he still doesn't trust him. And the sisters become trapped in an altered reality where their secret desires come true thanks to Chris and the demon Gith who are trying to teach them a lesson. Piper dreams of a magic free life, Paige desires a real magical place and Phoebe desires a successful talk show.


6x06:My Three Witches

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Drew Fuller » Chris Perry
Desmond Askew » Gith
Eric Dane » Jason Dean
Kathryn Fiore » Elizabeth
Gina Ravera » Mary
Anabelle Gurwitch » Nina Halter
Art Frankel » Old Man Magician
Kathryn Joosten » Old Magician's Wife
Sam Vance » Blake

Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows Entry:
Vanishing Spell
Let the Object of Objection
Become but a Dream
As I cause the Seen
to be Unseen


Piper: Oh, you design lingerie?
Mary: Mm-hm. You're gonna love it.
Piper: Oh, sure, just as long as I don't have to try any of it on.
Mary: Well, you'd look silly if you did. You don't have what it takes to fill the pouch.
Piper: The pouch?
Mary: Meet my models.
Piper: Oh, sorry. Hi. (to Mary) Oh, yeah, the pouch.
Model: So where can we change?
Piper: Uh, my bedroom's free.

Fan: I've been watching you on TV all week. You are huge.
Phoebe: Oh, well, the TV does add ten pounds.

Phoebe: So wait, a vortex did all of this?
Piper: Vortex, whirlpool, I don't know, whatever.
Paige: Well, if it was a whirlpool, there'd probably be some water.
Chris: The fineries of what almost killed Piper aren't important. The point is she was almost killed and no one was here to help.
Paige: You're right, I'm sorry, I was kind of tied up…or cut in half.
Phoebe: And I was interviewing the most fascinating woman.
Piper: Oh, the orgasm lady. That show was great, at least what I saw of it until the TV was sucked into oblivion. I hope you brought home that book.

Paige: Call me butter, 'cause I'm on a roll!

Phoebe: You've got me, Jason Dean. I'm yours. So no more wooing.
Jason: Okay, no more wooing. I guess I'll cancel our helicopter to Carmel for dinner.
Phoebe: No, no, no, maybe a little bit more wooing.

Paige: Got to get back to the temp job. Don't know how much longer those old folks are going to be alive.


Even though in a previous episode Piper and Paige took a potion to block Phoebe's emapthy power, Phoebe continues to use it to feel and locate her sister's in this and future episodes.
Chris gave Gith a list of the sister's desires, so how did Gith get it wrong and use Jason's desires instead of Phoebe's because surely Chris wouldn't of written Jason's down.


5.5 Million viewers watched this episode.
The WB promo for this episode is Fantasies In The Flesh.
The set that was used for the old people where Paige was temping is the same one as previously used in the episode "The Power Of Three Blondes" where the Stillman sisters were staying.


Stereophonics » Maybe Tomorrow


Gith is a powerful demon, a Vortex demon who is able to create vortexes. He can use a witch's desire to create their desirable world which he can watch through his water well in his lair. The realms they are in will eventually kill them with their own desires and Gith would feed off their pain. Gith attacks Piper at the Manor creating a vortex for Piper to fly in to however Piper is able to blast his shoulder and he leaves. Chris then follows Gith to his lair and tells him the sister's desires so he can create their worlds. Chris steals a cloth Gith has been using so that he can make a vanquishing potion with it, Gith then sets up the sister's desired worlds... Piper wants a normal life so Gith creates a world with no magic. Paige wants a world where she can use magic all the time, so he creates a world where demons are attacking out in the open and everyone knows Paige is a witch. Then Gith creates Phoebe's world only he the world he creates is not actually Phoebe's desire but her boyfriend Jason's and Jason wants to make Phoebe a star and give her everything in the world so he sets her up for her own TV show called "Ask Phoebe this made her extremely popular with the public though this isn't what Phoebe desires and it now ends in tragedy as someone left her husband on Phoebe's advice so he came to shoot and kill her only he shoots Jason instead, Gith is upset when he realises this isn't Phoebe's desire then Chris turns up at his lair and asks him what's wrong when he takes out the vanquishing potion Gith smokes in a darklighters arrow and shoots Chris before he can vanquish him. In Paige's world she is asked to save a little girl who's mother has been attacked by demons, when she gets there the world is full of demons she manages to vanquish them and save the little girl when more demons appear she hides behind a dumpster while back at the lair Chris moves Phoebe and puts her in Paige's world, Gith is not happy as he's ruining his plans Phoebe and Paige concentrate on finding Piper who has been involved in a car crash and has no magic in her world. Gith decides on killing Piper before the sister's find her as she is the easiest target with no magic. He arrives in Piper's world but a few minutes later Phoebe and Paige do and fight off Gith, Phoebe noticing the fuel from the car spilling all over the floor and the car on fire she tells them to run as they're running away the fuel reaches the fire and vanquishes Gith.

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