5x19 Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun


Season 5: 5x19 Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Andrea Stevens, Doug E. Jones
Director: Mel Damski
Original Airdate: 20th April 2003
Three nymphs that protect a lake are attacked by a demon and one of them is killed, they go to The Charmed Ones for help only the nymphs also need someone to replace the one that was killed and decide that Paige is the one, she becomes a nymph and now the Piper and Phoebe must try and stop the demons drinking from the lake and try to turn Paige back to normal.


5x19:Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Eric Dane » Jason Dean
Katherine Cunningham-Eves » Daisy
Susan May Pratt » Miranda
Pat Healy » Xavier
Jaimz Woolvett » Tull
Ruth Powell » Lily
Todd Duffey » Satyr

Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows Entry:
To Turn an Immortal Demon Into a Tree
Changing Seasons Changes All
Life Renews as Creation Calls
Nothing is Immune, Everything Transmutes
So take this demon and give him roots.


Leo: Everything all right?
Piper: Yeah, sure, fine, if you call Paige defacing the "Book of Shadows" all right.
Leo: She defaced the book?
Piper: For all intents and purposes. Look at this. This is a sacred book. It looks ridiculous.
Leo: Well, look, these things just come right off, see?
Piper: That is so not the point.

Phoebe: Tell me about the demon.
Paige: Well, Piper let him get away.
Piper: Ah, come on. I blew off his hand, didn't I?
Paige:Yeah. But the rest of him got away.
Piper: Yeah, well, okay. Demons don't always go "poof" when you want them to, you know?
Phoebe:What the hell is going on with the two of you?

Phoebe: Vanquishing demons is not a sport.
Piper: It is if you're good at it!

Piper: We need Phoebe!
Phoebe: Hello?
Piper: Ask and you shall receive!

Phoebe: I'm very conflicted about this whole thing, because…it's not just the fact that he's my boss, it's just, I didn't plan on this all happening right now in my life.
Piper: Well, honey, unfortunately, that's when these things usually happen.
Paige: Yeah, can we get back to the whole part?
Paige: Talk about orbus interruptus.


4.3 Million viewers watched this episode.
The UK title for this episode is Naughty Nymphs.
Rose McGowan had made it known she disliked this episode.
This is the lowest ranking episode of Charmed.


Loudermilk » Elekt
The Donnas » Take It Off
Loudermilk » Teenage Desperation


Xavier & Tull
Xavier and Tull is a demon who is out for revenge for the death of his and Tull's father. They are trying to find the Eternal Spring so they they can become invinvible. Xavier kills the nymphs Satyr and demands that they tell him where the eternal spring is but they disappear into the woods. The nymphs are seen frolicking in a fountain dancing to the tune of a street musicians flute as they now think he is their new Satyr, once the police come to break up the goings on the nymphs again disapper into the woods only this time Xavier follows them. Tull who is Xavier's brother tries to lure the nymphs out of hiding by playing the Satyr's flute that he killed and makes them think he is now their new Satyr, however Xavier doesn't think this will work all Xavier wants to do is find the Eternal Spring so that he and his brother Tull can become immortal and then avenge their father Naides who had died at the hands of the nymphs a long time ago. Piper and Paige go to City Plaza to find the demon, once it turns midnight the nymphs appear and Xavier shows up and kills one of the nymphs Lily. He demands to know off the nymphs again where the Eternal Spring is but Piper and Paige appear, Piper tries to blow up Xavier but only manages to blow his arm off then Piper, Paige and the nymphs orb away. Tull helps Xavier with his arm and vows to make the nymphs pay for what they have done but... Xavier doesn't think Tull is capable or as strong to take on the Charmed Ones but Tull disagrees. Once he is able to drink from the Eternal Spring he will be able to make the nymphs believe he is their new Satyr. Meanwhile Paige has turned into one of the nymphs and like the others wants to find their Satyr, then the hear the pipes of the Satyr and go to him, only the Satyr turns out to be Tull who is playing the pan flute at the fountain in City Plaza. The nymphs believing he is they're new Satyr take him into the woods where they try to ply him with gifts but Tull is only interested in one thing... The Eternal Spring. Paige is worried but the other nymphs tell her that her place is to care for they're Satyr and not to question. So Daisy and Miranda place their hands on a rock and soon the Eternal Spring appears. Piper and Phoebe manage to track Xavier and ask him where the nymphs are but Xavier tells them Tull already has them just as Phoebe is to vanquish him he agrees to tell them where they are but he throws fire at them instead and Phoebe throws the potion vanquishing Xavier. Tull shimmers in and finds Piper and Phoebe there instead of his brother, he too throws fire at the sisters. Since Tull has drank from the Eternal Spring he is now immortal and cannot be killed with the potion Phoebe throws at him. Piper and Phoebe call for the nymphs who appear and take them to the Eternal Spring's location. Tull appears screaming about revenge and Piper and Paige improvise a spell that turns Tull into a tree. He will now live forever as a tree in the Eternal Springs.

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