5x13 House Call


Season 5: 5x13 House Call
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Henry Alonso Myers
Director: Jon Paré
Original Airdate: 2nd February 2003
The sisters contact a witch doctor after all the spirits in the house are getting out of control, while cleansing the house the witch doctor steals and item of each Charmed One so that he can put a voodoo on them, Pipers becomes obsessed with cleaning and destroys the house, Phoebe poses for a magazine to get more readers for her column and Paige's ex Glen is back and this time has a surprise, he's getting married so she abducts the bride and poses as her so that Glen will be married to her instead. .


5x13:House Call

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Dorian Gregory » Darryl Morris
Wofgang Bodison » Witch Doctor
Rebecca Balding » Elise Rothman
Googy Gress » Spencer Ricks
Jesse Woodrow » Glen Belland
Erinn Bartlett » Jessica Belland
Richard Grant » Witch Doctor

Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows Entry:
To Reverse Vanishing Spell
Let the Object of Objection return,
so that its existence may be reaffirmed

Witch Doctor
Little is known of Witch Doctors
except for their dedication to expel
evil spirits from demonic footholds.
Using strange unknown magic rituals, Witch
Doctors feel their outsider status as watchdogs
of evil gives them the freedom to attack evil in
all its shifting guises.

They may be summoned via the following spell:

Combine Liverwort, Pinch of Dragon
Root and Snakeskin over Chant:

Free us from the ties that bind
Of evil magic entertwined
We call upon the one who cures
He who's to the Dark inured.

Vanishing Spell
Let the Object
of Objection
Become but
a Dream
As I cause
the Seen
to be Unseen


Leo: Look, Piper I need you to help me find Paige.
Piper: I'm not talking to her 'till she cleans up her room.

Paige: He's getting married, that dirty rat!
Piper: Who?
Paige: Glen. He's getting married to some bimbette he met climbing the Matterhorn.
Piper: At Disneyland?
Paige: No! Switzerland!

Phoebe: Let go of me, I have to kill Spencer!
Paige: You named the turkey "Spencer"?!
Piper: That's no turkey, I think that's Spencer Ricks!

Paige: Are you a witch doctor?
Witch Doctor: Lemme guess. You were expecting a bone through the nose, and a shrunken head necklace, perhaps?
Phoebe: Yeah, actually, yeah, yeah.
Witch Doctor: You know, you make this huge effort to change with the times, but it's always the stereotypes that persist.

Spencer Ricks: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen baby. Oh wait, that's a woman's place, isn't it? So then you wouldn't have anywhere to go, would you?
Phoebe: You know what? You are a turkey. And turkeys don't write columns. (She turns him into a turkey) But they do make delicious dinners.

Paige: Listen, Piper, you can't just vanquish an entire house. Especially not our house! People are gonna notice.

Glen: Hurt, why? Wait, you thought you and I...
Paige: No! no. I didn't think that at all
Jessica: Glen, the minister's waiting
Glen: You okay?
Paige: I'm fine. Jessica, I wanted to apologise for not being very friendly earlier, I really am sorry.
Jessica: Thank you, thanks for saying that.
Paige: I just don't understand what Glen's doing with such a blonde bimbette!
Jessica & Glen: What?!
Paige: And really, who's the surgeon who does those boobs, because they are fantastic, I should get the number for a friend of mine.
Glen: Paige, what the hell is wrong with you?
Paige: Me? Well nothing's wrong with me, I'm not the one marrying the wrong woman!


Paige puts on pink lipstick when she is getting ready to go and meet Glen, however when she arrives downstairs her lipstick is red.
Paige orbs with Jessica into hell when they get there Paige is on the right and Jessica the left however when they orb out of the car they are opposite sides.


5.3 Million viewers watched this episode.
The Promo for this episode with WB is Obsessions.
Julian McMahon has been replaced in the credits at the beginning of the show by clips of the sister's.


Kylie Minogue » Come Into My World


Witch Doctor
Witch Doctors expel evil spirits that are made from residual energy that is left from vanquished demons. After the Manor experiences some problems from the residual energy they summon a witch doctor, he manages to expel all the spirits, but feels that all the evil that appears in the house would eventually take over the good in the sister's. A group of witch doctors decide that they must take out the Charmed Ones for the greater good, so the witch doctor helps himself to a few of the sister's items, he takes Phoebe's toothbrush, Paige's keys and Piper's lipstick, lastly he takes a photo of all of the sister's together. He puts a hex on all of the sister's which caused their obsessions to take over and consume them in the hope that it would destroy them. Piper becomes obsessed with cleaning, Phoebe becomes obsessed with a rival advice columnist Spencer Ricks and Paige becomes obsessed with Glen. Piper and Paige are able to overcome the hex when they see that their obsessions had hurt other people, and they confronted the group of witch doctors. After convincing the witch doctors that they would not turn evil they are good they decided to lift the hex on Phoebe aswell.

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