5x12 Centennial Charmed


Season 5: 5x12 Centennial Charmed
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Brad Kern
Director: James L. Conway
Original Airdate: 19th January 2003
This is the 100th episode of Charmed, Cole alters reality to try and get Phoebe back in his life. In this reality, Piper is obsessed with killing every demon she can so she can avenge Prue's death, Phoebe is still married to Cole only she is desperately unhappy, neither of them know about Paige at all and is dead in this reality, now Paige must try to convince the sisters that Cole has done something and that she is really their sister and put time back to what it was, Cole is unhappy as this is not how he had expected his life with phoebe to be like, the sisters finally vanquish Cole in this 100th episode forever.


5x12:Centennial Charmed

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Julian McMahon » Cole Turner
Dorian Gregory » Darryl Morris
Sandra Prosper » Sheila Morris
Deanna Russo » Eve
Joel Swetow » Alpha
Debbi Morgan » The Seer
Kristin Richardson » Darla
Steven Daniel » Lazarus Demon

Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows Entry:
Upper Level Demonic Vanquishing Potion
One part Mandrake Root One pinch of Carrot Seeds One dash of Cardamom One pig's foot One cockle shell in its whole form One pinch of Juniper Berries Piece of demon's flesh .

To Turn Someone Into An Avatar
Ribus uero fecit orum
Bitis danae arca
Convenio hospito fortis mundis

To Altar The Past
Magna tempus dormiebat ribus


Paige: Ha! Now THAT is a vanquish!
Leo: Damn it, Paige! I would appreciate it if you didn't practise on me, I may be dead but it STILL HURTS!
Paige: I am sorry, Leo, but I think I came up with the perfect way to vanquish Cole! I kept thinking 'What is it that makes him so indestructible?' and then I thought 'It's his protection shield!' so I came up with a potion that makes me invisible long enough so I can get past it, say a spell and blow him up from the inside!
Leo: Firstly, congratulations, cool potion.
Paige: Thank you! (she curties)
Leo: Secondly, it will never work.

Piper: Well, how pregnant am I, exactly?
Paige: Phoebe and I are practising to be your midwives as we speak. We're preparing for the big home birth!
Piper: Home birth, you're nuts, I'd never agree to that, I - I wouldn't give birth unless it was in a hospital-!
Paige: Yeah, yeah, you keep saying the same thing in any reality. Hey, who else but a sister would know that?
Piper: We must be pretty close then, the three of us.
Paige: Nods
Piper: Like Phoebe and I were with Prue...
Paige: Yep, close enough to have avenged Prue's death together.

Cole: GO! Go get her sisters, they just attacked me!
Demon: Sisters? You mean there's another?!
Cole: Yes, damn it! Get 'em and kill 'em on sight!
Phoebe: Paige was telling the truth...?
Cole: I didn't go through all this to lose you, Phoebe. If I'm going down, you're going down with me!

Paige: Anything?
Piper: No.
Paige: 'Kay. Come on!
Phoebe: What are you guys doing here? You have to leave, now!
Piper: Where's Cole?
Cole: Right here. (he throws an energy ball)
Phoebe: No! What did you do to them?!
Cole: Exactly what they were gonna do to me.
Paige: She's still alive, grab her hand!
Phoebe: What?
Cole: I don't know how you got here, Paige, but if it's any consolation, I know exactly where I'm gonna bury you. Right next to yourself.
Paige: Grab her hand!
Phoebe: The Power of Three.
Paige: That's us. Potion! I do hate long goodbyes.
Phoebe: No! (Phoebe grabs the potion)
Paige: Phoebe, are you crazy? Throw it before he shimmers out!
Cole: She's not gonna throw it. Are you?
Paige: Throw the potion.
Cole: We've been through so much together, haven't we? Our love's so strong, nothing can destroy it, not even this. We're meant to be together.
Phoebe: I don't think so.(Phoebe throws the potion and Cole is vanquished for good)


In the alternate reality Paige's headstone says "Paige Matthews Born 1975 Died 2001, however Paige was actually born in 1977 and Phoebe was born in 1975.
The vanquishing potion that Phoebe throws at Cole is red, however in previous episodes the potion has always been purple while the stripping potion should be red, so then Cole should of been stripped of his powers not vanquished.

There is a Lazarus Demon that Piper freezes in the alternate reality only unfreezing his head for answers, when he doesn't answer she blows off an arm, when he doesn't answer a second time she blows off another arm however when she gets tired of him and blows him up in that shot one of his arms is in full and not blown apart like she had just done.
It is supposed to be Cole's 118th birthday yet on his birthday cake it says Happy 100th Birthday


5.5 Million viewers watched this episode.
Charmed's 100 th Episode!!
This episode in which Cole is killed will be Cole Turner's 118th birthday!.
This is Julian McMahon's last episode as a regular cast member, he briefly returns in season #7 in the episode The Seven Year Witch


Michelle Branch » Goodbye To You


The Avatars make Cole an offer to join them he decides to accept their offer but he has something he wants to do. Cole uses his new powers to try to win Phoebe back, Cole believes that going into to an alternate reality then Piper and Phoebe would never meet Paige and he would still be with Phoebe as he blames Paige for turning Phoebe against him. So he casts a spell however just as he is casting his spell Paige sneezes and orbs out as she appears back she is no longer in her reality and has made it into Cole's new reality, where she is dead and the sister's are no longer a part of each other's lives and Phoebe is still with Cole. However not everything in this reality is exactly how Cole had planned it. Paige has no powers as technically she doesn't exist she calls for Leo who does appear but has no idea who she is and how she knows about magic. Piper is also not who she is in the other reality, she isn't with Leo and isn't pregnant and seeking revenge on every demon for killing Prue. Cole arrives outside of the manor, the Avatar is with him and asks him to undo the spell, he tells Cole that he is not an Avatar her and doesn't have any powers he also doesn't have any of the powers that he picked up from the demonic wasteland including Invincibility. Cole is married to Phoebe and the two of them live in the Manor. He is thrown a surprise birthday party for his 118 th birthday, Phoebe appears down the stairs looking gorgeous and Cole gives her a compliment making Phoebe suspicious, he tries to kiss her and she pushes him away which confuses Cole. See in this reality Cole and Phoebe may be a couple but they are not really together. After Paige convinces both Piper and Phoebe that she is in fact their sister and that Cole is evil and they are in a different reality, they come together to vanquish Cole. Cole does not know how Paige made it into this reality and is not happy about it but believes he can get rid of her and save his marriage. However Phoebe does not want Cole in any reality and grabs the potion from Paige. Cole believes that Phoebe won't throw the potion and that she loves him too much. Phoebe however has had enough and throws the potion at Cole. Cole bursts into flames and is vanquished forever.

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