5x11 The Importance of Being Phoebe


Season 5: 5x11 The Importance of Being Phoebe
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Krista Vernoff
Director: Derek Johansen
Original Airdate: 12th January 2003
Cole is after the nexus that is under the manor so he kidnaps Phoebe and sends Kaia a shapeshifting demon to pretend to be Phoebe to her sisters in the hope that she will be able to make the sisters hand over ownership of the house to Cole but without the knowledge of what they are doing, he also makes sure Pipers club doesn't pass it's health inspection and that Paige is arrested to deter them from realising what he is doing. Phoebe has a battle with Kaia eventually killing her and escaping only to find Cole has ownership of the house and Piper and Paige outside unable to enter the Manor anymore. It's now up to Phoebe to get back possesion of the Manor and stop Cole from getting the nexus..


5x11:The Importance of Being Phoebe

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Julian McMahon » Cole Turner
Dorian Gregory » Darryl Morris
Erik King » Dex
Angela Little » Kaia
Christopher Draga » Bail Bondsman
Rebecca Balding » Elise Rothman
Armando Valdes » Officer Garcia
Steven M.Porter » Health Inspector

Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows Entry:
To Remove Phoebe's Power
This Witch's power can not fight, the lure of Evil's magic might,
before misuses lands her in hell, remove the powers of Phoebe Halliwell. .

To Summon The Nexus
Natum Adai Necral, Daya Intay Layok!

Woogyman Spell
I am light
I am one too strong to fight
Return to dark where shadows dwell
You can not have this Halliwell!
So go away and leave my sight
and take with you
this endless night!


Piper: Hi.
Paige: We're really sorry.
Piper: Yeah. We're sorry.
Paige: Sorry.
Piper: Are you ok?
Phoebe: It's ok. It's ok. I'm ok. I'm not mad. Well, maybe I'm a little bit mad. I mean, what took you guys so long? And what happened to my powers?
Leo: Uh, well, she looked like you.
Paige: And at the hospital you said you were tempted and that you didn't want us to vanquish him.
Piper: Then we saw you making out with Cole and we all got a little panicky.
Phoebe: Excuse me. Did you really think I was making out with Cole?
Paige: We mentioned we were sorry?

Leo: So, you can't levitate?
Kaia: No. Apparently not. That means the spell worked, right?
Piper: I don't know. You're still kinda weird. Maybe the spell had a side effect?
Kaia: Or maybe I just feel sick because I had to kiss Cole.
Piper: Ah. That's my girl.

Phoebe: Do you think eye of newt would work on the woman who's trying to sue me?
Paige: Is she demonic?
Phoebe: Well, she's demonically stupid.

Phoebe: You slimy son of a bitch!
Cole: Phoebe, is that you?
Phoebe: What? Are you evil and blind? Yeah, it's me. Look. Why don't you admit that you're behind this? Admit it so that I can to use magic to fight you!
Cole: I don't know what you're talking about.
Phoebe: Look, Cole. My career is the most important thing to me. So is that your plan to take it away from me so that I come running to you for comfort?
Cole: Phoebe, I love you, and I don't know what's going on, but maybe I could help. Would you like me to kill someone for you. Your boss, perhaps?
Cole: Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey!
Phoebe: I might not be able to use magic, but-
Cole: You're sexy when you're mad, you know that? I can't wait until I get to kiss you again.
Phoebe: Cole, I will never be with you again. I hate you. I hate you. You get that?
Cole: Hate is good. It's passionate. Intense. It's...it's...it's a breath away from love! (Phoebe storms out of Cole's office.) Cole: Ah. She's great.

Cole: Kaia.
Kaia: How did you know it was me?
Cole: First of all, Phoebe hates me... and she also uses less tongue.

Cole: Please, sweetie, just trust me on this one, I don't want you getting hurt trying to escape.
Phoebe: All right, don't call me sweetie. You can't hold a person prisoner and then call them sweetie.

Paige: Leo, we saw Phoebe and Cole's tongues locked, hands groping all over each other.
Leo: Okay, didn't need the visual.


In season one the dark shadow in the basement was called the woogyman and entered the body through the nose and mouth and was a simliar to a big black cloud, however in this episode the Woogyman is now the Shadow and looks like the Hollow in a previous episode only black and does not enter through the nose and mouth.
When Phoebe is unconcious on the floor, Cole picks her up however she throws her arms around his neck which she wouldn't do if she was infact unconcious.


5.4 Million viewers watched this episode.
Phoebe has lost her powers many times in this episode it will be her 9th.
Paige orbed out of the prison and left pillows underneath the sheets just as Prue did in the first season's episode Wicca Envy .


No music in this episode


Cole Turner... The love of Phoebe's life and also a demon. Cole tired of trying to be good and not winning Phoebe back decides he is going to be evil again, so he sets up a plan to take the sister's down. His plan is to take over the Manor and the Nexus which is situated in the basement of the Manor. He uses a shapeshifter called Kaia who he uses for her to change into Phoebe for his personal pleasure, however a demon accidentally tells Phoebe all about Cole's plan as he thinks that Phoebe is Kaia who has shapeshifted into Phoebe. Cole meanwhile has sent a demon named Dex to help with Paige, Paige ends up getting arrested for something she didn't do which requires the sister's to bail her out only they need bail money and decide to use the house as bond to get Paige out. This was Cole's plan all along of course to get the deeds to the Manor so he could take it all over. The sister's have willingly handed over the Manor without their knowledge to Cole and he has now filled the manor with demons. Phoebe pretends to be Kaia being herself to get into the manor and fool the demons which works.

Kaia is a low level demon known as a Keiran Demon, she was working in a demonic stripclub and was able to change her appearance to Phoebe in order to please Cole. Cole was using Kaia aswell as having her change her appearance to Phoebe he was using her to get into the Manor so he could gain control of the Nexus and then turn Phoebe evil so they could be together. After Phoebe is taken by one of Cole's people to Cole's apartment Cole decides she can't have her ruin his plans for the Nexus so he locks her in his apartment and uses Kaia to pose as Phoebe to her sister's. Kaia returns to the manor as Phoebe and manages to fool Piper into believing she is Phoebe and then convincing her to bind her powers so that Phoebe cannot leave Cole's place. After convincing Piper she realy is Phoebe they set off to the police station as that's where Paige is being held and to pay for bail Cole tells Kaia to get Piper to go to a bail bondsman and use the house only what Piper doesn't know is that it's all a set up for Cole to recieve the papers for the manor. Piper hands over the deeds to the manor to who she thinks is the bail bondsman but is really Cole and when she gets back to the manor with Paige and Leo and Kaia posing as Phoebe the manor is full of demons and Cole. They soon realise they have been set up when Phoebe goes and stands by Cole's side and turns back into Kaia. Kaia however is not happy about the way she is being treated by Cole so set's off to rid of the one thing that she thinks stands in her was... Phoebe. Kaia tries to kill Phoebe but during their fight Phoebe's powers are returned and she manages to levitate out of the way just in time. Phoebe eventually vanquishes Kaia and goes to the manor pretending to be Kaia being her to stop Cole releasing the Nexus.

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