5x10 Y Tu Mummy Tambien


Season 5: 5x10 Y Tu Mummy Tambien
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Curtis Kheel
Director: Chris Long
Original Airdate: 6th January 2003
A demon named Jeric is looking for the perfect body to host the spirit of his dead lover Iris, eventually finding Phoebe he mummifies her, Cole tries to save Phoebe by making a deal with Jeric to use Paige's body instead which forces Piper to decide which sister she wants to save, it also appears that not only is Cole invincible so is Piper thanks to her unborn child which she figures out after constantly battling with Cole, the baby heals her whenever she is hurt.


5x10:Y Tu Mummy Tambien

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Julian McMahon » Cole Turner
Dorian Gregory » Darryl Morris
Adrian Paul » Jeric
Shannon Engemann » Sandra/Isis

Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows Entry:
A Demon known not
only for his witch
killing, but also for
his rituals of

His evil dates as far
back as ancient Egypt
and in the past few
decades he has
surfaced in the
Middle East, Cairo,
Istanbul and Tripoli.

He can be identified
by the sand that is left
behind in the wake of
his dematerialization.

Mummifying Spell
Saqqara tiet ushebti

To See What Someone Was Scrying For
Scrying secrets, come to me, drop again so I might see.

Possession Spell
Khet mastaba hotep ka

To Drive A Soul Out Of A Body
Together no more through time,
expel her soul, leave only mine.

To Drive Isis' Soul Out Of A Body
Two warring souls now burn inside where only one can reside. I call upon the Power of Three, to save her body and set (Paige) free.


Piper: Why is my stomach suddenly public property? And perfect strangers are always touching me? It's weird space invasion!

Paige: I can understand wanting to take a break from guys but c'mon already. She's gonna wear out the batteries.
Piper: Ah, Paige!

Cole: Well I guess I should have seen this coming.
Piper: I want my sisters back now Cole.
Cole: Or what? You got nothing Piper. You can't even vanguish me.
Piper: Doesn't mean I won't try.

Piper: I am not about to just sit here and wait while my sisters are in Egypt with two demonic perverts!

Piper: Are you telling me she's going to evict somebody from their own body? That's rude!

Paige: Hey, guys. Oh, I'm sorry, were you ranting?
Piper: Yes, I was. But now I'm done thank you.

Leo: Hey! What are you doing? You're both invincible! This is pointless.

Phoebe: That's my niece in that belly!
Paige: She's my niece too.
Phoebe: Hi niece! It's your favorite aunt Phoebe!

Cole: What the hell are you guys doing here?
Piper: Witnessing a meltdown, apparently. Ever thought of therapy?
Cole: Thanks. I'd rather chop my head off than have it examined. Wait, that's an idea.

Cole: You know, I gotta admit, I thought I had you there for a moment, but you never really did choose, did you?
Piper: I didn't have to. I figured if Isis knew the spell to free Phoebe, then Paige would know it as well.
Cole: Hmm, well, next time.
Phoebe: Next time? What happened to you Cole?
Cole: Me? Well…I've gone mad.
Piper: No offense, but we really need to find a way to kill him!


Leo's hair changes inbetween shots from short to longer.
Cole said that the Power of Three would be needed to evict a spirit from the body and that thought Phoebe was mummified the power can be accessed if they touch her. However when Piper and Paige say the spell neither one of them is touching Phoebe so then the spell should not of worked.


5.5 Million viewers watched this episode.
Alyssa Milano learnt how to do belly dancing for this episode.
We find out in this episode that Piper is invincible while she is pregnant with her baby and Cole is also invincible as we discover when they have a fight.
The title for this episode with WB is The Mummy's Tomb.
The fight between Piper and Cole is the only time you will see a force field that protects her as Gold. In previous and future episode force fields are usually Blue.


Nichole Nordeman » This Mystery


Jeric and Isis
Jeric is a demon from ancient Egypt. Jeric has the power to trap souls inside Mummies and then transfer the souls to a living body. Ancient Egyptians have never been able to vanquish him settling for him being mummified. An evil witch named Isis was to free Jeric and they fell in love, however it was short lived as Jeric's enemies were able to track Isis down and they skinned her alive but before Isis' soul moved on Jeric was able to trap her soul inside a scarab brooch and has since tried to find a body that Isis sould can reside in permanatly. Jeric after trying to find a body for many years during that time he had put Isis' soul into witches body but they all died and then he found Phoebe, Jeric believed that Isis would be able to tap into Phoebe's powers and then she could get rid of Phoebe's soul and then take over Phoebe's body for good. Jeric had kidnapped Phoebe and transferred Isis' soul. Piper and Paige went to Cole for help but Cole was no longer able to help as he again had turned evil. He did travel to Egypt and offered Jeric a trade of souls so that he could get Phoebe back. Jeric wouldn't agree but then Phoebe's body started to deteriate quiker than all the other bodies she had been in. After agreeing a trade with Cole Isis then took host up in Paige's body and Jeric and Cole together tried to get Piper to choose a sister to live and one to die, Cole hoping that Piper would choose Phoebe being her sister for longer, but Piper had a better plan she cast a spell that ejected Isis soul and sent her in to the afterlife. Jeric though had no idea that Isis had been sent to the afterlife believing that Paige had instead been but he had been double crossed he found this out when Paige attacked him and then Piper blew him up and Jeric was vanquished.

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