5x05 Witches In Tights


Season 5: 5x05 Witches In Tights
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, David Straiton
Director: Mark Wilding
Original Airdate: 13th October 2002
A demon uses a young boys drawings to turn him into a comic book villian in order to steal the elders powers, the boy however also draws three women with super powers which turn out to be The Charmed Ones now the sisters have become heroines they must help the boy stop the demon who calls himself the Aggressor.


5x05:Witches In Tights

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Julian McMahon » Cole Turner
Gerry Becker » Ramus
Mark A. Sheppard » Arnon
Andrew James Allen » Kevin
David Pressman » Edward Miller
Todd Tucker » The Aggressor
Craig Young » Dave

Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows Entry:
No spells in this episode.


Piper: A little history lesson: I'm not a big fan of your rules. In fact, I take pride in breaking them.
Ramus: I know. You've been a real pain over the years.

Paige: Uh headrush...let's do it again!

Phoebe: Okay gimme a sec while my organs catch up.
Paige: Nice outfit!
Phoebe: Back at ya, sis!

Paige: I think I'm so busy protecting this big ol' secret of ours I guess I can't really let my guard down. How'd you do it?
Piper: Marry an angel.

Phoebe: Cole! What are you doing here?
Cole: Well, I got a call from one of the tenants saying that, uh, Wonder Woman was terrorizing the landlord. What the hell are you doing?
Phoebe: Well, I'm teaching my buddy here how important it is to be a better person. (speaking to Edward) Are you a better person yet?
Edward: I'm slipping!
Phoebe: Oh, no, you're not slipping. (She relaxes her grip.) That's slipping.
Cole: Honey...
Phoebe: Don't call me honey anymore.
Cole: I don't know what's going on here but this is not you. Literally.
Phoebe: Are you kidding? This is better than me. This is new and improved me. Now not only can I help my readers, but I can help the entire city.
Cole: Careful, he's got ears.
Phoebe: Oh, please, relax. The only thing he can hear right now is the blood rushing to his brain.

Phoebe: Why don't you just turn him into a fountain pen?
Cole: Believe me, I'm tempted, but, um, I've decided I'm not gonna use my powers, no matter what.
Phoebe: Since when?
Cole: Since I tried to strangle you with them.


Paige has never met her father Sam but during this episode she mentions that Sam had Blue eyes and she doesn't, how would she know that if she hadn't seen or met him.
Paige says the spell to fix the broken windows, however when the camera pans to Piper, Phoebe and Leo then goes back to Paige in the background the windows are still broken. This was after the spell so the windows should of been fixed.


5.0 Million viewers watched this episode.
There was an Alternate title for this episode that was used in the promotional trailers. The episode was called "Magic Wears A Mask".
Paige's lips colour is Pink to match her outfit and Phoebe's lips are red to match her costume too.
This is the first time we see and elder without his hood up.
In this episode Phoebe says the phrase "Who is that masked man" this was previously said by Prue in the episode All Halliwell's Eve.


No music in this episode


Arnon is a lower level demon with the ability to sense great powers though he himself does not possess any of them. An elder named Ramus decides he is retiring, Arnon senses his powers on his arrival and wants to steal them. To be able to get the powers from Ramus he uses a teenage witch called Kevin, he has the power of Thought Projection. Kevin draws his figures and they come to life, Arnon manipulates Kevin into creating a super baddie named "The Aggressor" unfortunately The Aggressor kills a bully by the name of Kaz and Kevin decided he no longer wanted a part of helping Arnon get what he wants. Arnon forces Kevin to turn him into The Aggressor, he then takes the drawing away from Kevin so he cannot destroy him, Kevin then decides to draw three superheroes so they can stop The Aggressor. The three superheroes are the Charmed Ones, the sister's become superheroes and Kevin asks them for help in stopping Arnon, Phoebe hangs a landlord over the top of a building whilst she is a superhero. After Arnon attacks Ramus and kills him, Paige orbs the drawing of The Aggressor from him and tears the drawing up. Once the drawing is torn up Arnon becomes himself and loses all his powers. Piper vanquishes Arnon by blowing him up.

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