5x04 Siren Song


Season 5: 5x04 Siren Song
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Krista Vernoff
Director: Joel J. Feigenbaum
Original Airdate: 6th October 2002
After constant fighting Piper and Leo's unborn baby switches their bodies to learn what it's like to be the other person for a day as it seems Piper doesn't know what it's like to be a Whitelighter and Leo doesn't know what it's like to be pregnant, the siren lures men with her call and then hopes for them to kill their wives and partners, Cole fall under the spell of the siren and strangles Phoebe.


5x04:Siren Song

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Julian McMahon » Cole Turner
Melinda Clarke » The Siren
Rebecca Balding » Elise Rothman
Amy Laughlin » Melissa
Greg Provance » Darklighter
Hawthorne James » Demonic Healer
Branton Boxer » David

Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows Entry:
The Siren
As a mortal the Siren fell in
love with a married man, but
when they were caught, the man
was held blameless. The village
women cheered as they burned
her to death and her rage turned
her into a Siren; a vengeful demon
who seduces married men with her
song, then destroys the couples
with the very flames that consumed her.

To Summon A Siren
Oh singing lady of the dusk,
Who preys on men, turns love to lust,
We hearken ye into presence,
To vanquish thee evil essence.


French Woman (in French): Il est où, Leo? Oh, je vous en prie, ils me poursuivent!
(sub titles) Where is Leo? Please, you have to help ...they're after me!
Piper: Calmez-vous, je vais vous protéger! Whoa! Was that French?!

Leo: I don't know what's wrong with me.
Paige: Dude, it's the crying thing.
Phoebe: It's the hormones.
Leo: Really? I just thought that was an excuse.
Phoebe: Welcome to our world.

Leo: Relax? I'm sore all over, I'm without my powers, and I'm about to have to fight a demon. My own aftershave is making me sick. How does Piper do this?
Phoebe: Well, she, too, sometimes gets a little cranky.
Leo: The Elders are going to kill me. If anything happens to my charges, they're going to clip my wings and... (Leo burps an orb bubble) Oh, this is ridiculous. Piper! Piper!... Why do they call it morning sickness if it lasts all day?

(Leo burps and an orb bubble pops out of his mouth)
Cole: Whoa! What was that?
Piper: Hey, how did you do that?
Leo: I don't know, but I'm feeling really nauseous.
Piper: Oh, god. And I'm not. Wait…how…why…why does he have my pregnancy symptoms?
Cole:: W-wait. W-what? You're pregnant?
Piper: Well, I was, but now I think Leo is.
Cole: Huh?
Leo: No! No, no, no, no, no.
Paige: Relax, you guys. Leo blew the door up. He didn't cover it with flowers, which means, clearly, you're still pregnant.
Piper: Then, why...
Phoebe: Because magic has a sick sense of humor. Just enjoy it.
Leo: (to Piper) Are your boobs always this sore?

Paige: Abracadabra!
(Door of the Manor is magically repaired)
Phoebe: Nice job!
Piper: You did all that with 'Abracadabra'?
Paige: Nah. I used a spell. I just always wanted to say that.

Paige: I think I found the demon... Am I interrupting something?
Piper: Yes. What does the book say?
Paige: Well, "As a mortal, the siren fell in love with a married man, but when they were caught, the man was held blameless."
Piper: Typical.

Piper: Kiss this, bitch! (Piper's powers covers the Siren in flowers instead of blowing her up.) Ohhh bad baby!

(Coloured orbs appear behind Piper and Leo while they are arguing)
Piper: I expect you to make me a priority, and not just when demons are involved.
Paige: Uh, Piper, Leo...
Leo: It's not like I'm out golfing or screwing around, you know? I'm working, and my work is very important.
Piper: I'm not saying that it isn't.
Leo: Then what are you saying?
Paige: You guys...
Piper: Forget it. You don't understand.
Leo: I don't understand? You don't understand.
Piper: I understand that your charges are more important than your family.
Leo: You have no idea what I go through every day.
Piper: You have no clue what I go through every day.
(the hovering orbs hit Piper and Leo in the back)


Paige has never met her father Sam but during this episode she mentions that Sam had Blue eyes and she doesn't, how would she know that if she hadn't seen or met him.
Paige says the spell to fix the broken windows, however when the camera pans to Piper, Phoebe and Leo then goes back to Paige in the background the windows are still broken. This was after the spell so the windows should of been fixed.


5.3 Million viewers watched this episode.
While Piper has all of Leo's powers it is revealed that whatever language their charges speak then whitelighters can speak that language too.
When Cole saves a future Whitelighter called Melissa Leo tells Elders that Cole had saved her and if he hadn't she wouldn't of been able to do the good she was destinted to do.
Leo kisses the Siren in this episode, this would be the only episode in the whole entire Charmed series where he kisses someone other than Piper.
The baby changes Piper's powers when she needs them most, when Piper attacks a Darklighter instead of blowing him up it is the baby that changes the power to make fireworks, and then when she tries to blow up the Siren the baby again changes the power but this time into flowers.
Phoebe has a dream which includes flases of past episodes. Episodes include:-

The Honeymoon's Over
Sight Unseen
Power Outage
All Hell Break's Loose
We're Off To See The Wizard
Long Live The Queen
Sluething With The Enemy


Edie Carey » Come Close


The Siren is a seductress who preys on married couples. She seduces the husband of the couple and then kills him. The siren was a mortal who had an affair with a married man, after it was found that she was having an affair the man was the one who was found blameless and she was burned at the stake. She was so outraged at the injustice of it that it turned her in to a demon. The Siren kills a man named David and nearly kills his wife Melissa but Cole saves her when he takes her out of a burning building, the Siren believes that Melissa is also dead and she goes to a bar and flirts with a man, the television catches her eye and she turns to see Cole carrying Melissa out of the burning building alive. She leaves the man in the bar and tells him it's his lucky day. The Siren attmepts to kill Melissa again but finds Leo who was protecting her. The Siren sees that Leo is a married man and attempts to seduce him, she kisses him but being a whitelighter he seems to be protected from the kiss. Piper and Paige have orbed in and they stop her by hitting the Siren with a metal pole who falls over then Piper tries to kill her by blowing her up but the baby decides that Piper should shower her in flowers instead and the Siren sends Piper flying out of a window. Paige grabs the metal pole and throws it through the Siren's stomach, the Siren disappears in smoke and goes to a demonic healer to help heal her. The Siren's next victim would be Cole who she manages to seduce easily, the Siren manages to lure Phoebe too. After Phoebe hears the Siren's call she goes to find him. Phoebe tries to vanquish the Siren with a potion but Cole saves her and blows the potion up, with Cole having demonic powers he is like Leo able to survive the Siren's kiss, after Cole tries to kiss the Siren she resists and this angers Cole who takes his anger out on Phoebe by strangling her. Piper and Leo orb in Piper tries to save Phoebe and Leo fights the Siren. Leo tries hard to use Piper's power to blow the Siren up but struggles to control it however on the third try and a lot of concentration Leo manages to blow her up and vanquish her. Once she was vanquished the spell over Cole was lifted and Piper was able to save Phoebe before it was too late.

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