5x01-02 A Witch's Tail Part I & II


Season 5: A Witch's Tail Part I &II
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Daniel Cerone - PT II Monica Breen and Alison Schapker
Director: James L. Conway - PT II Mel Damski
Original Airdate: 22nd September 2002
Part 1:- Mylie a mermaid comes to Phoebe in the hope that she can save her from the sea hag that she made a pact with, if Mylie can find her one true love then Mylie becomes mortal forever however if she doesn't she must give her immortality to the sea hag. Phoebe tries to divorce Cole but unfortunately for her Cole shows up at the hearing to tell her he wants her back. Things start to get on top of Paige now she has become a full social worker and her duties as a charmed one. Mylie turning up brings up bad memories for Piper of her mothers death and starts to have panic attacks and develops a fear of water.

Part 2:- Piper casts a spell to make her fear disappear only it works just a little to well, Phoebe refuses to go back to being a witch and is turned into a mermaid now Necron a demon is after Phoebe and her immortal life now the sisters must ask Cole to help them save Phoebe as he is the reason that she has become a mermaid, and will Mylie be able to get her true love to say he loves her even when he finds out who she really is?.


5x01-02:A Witch's Tale Part I & II

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Dorian Gregory » Darryl Morris
Finola Hughes » Patty Halliwell
Julian McMahon » Cole Turner
Jaime Pressley » Mylie
Diane Salinger » Seahag
Judson Scott » Necron
Fred Koehler » Necron's Lackey
David Reivers » Bob Cowan
Dan Gauthier » Craig Wilson
Charles Walker » Judge
Nancy O'Dell » Herself
David Reivers » Bob Cowan
Tom McCleister » Fisherman

Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows Entry:
To Find A Mermaid
Water, rise up from the sea,
Find the one who fled from me
Follow where the winds are cold,
Then fall tenfold like days of old.

To Track The Sea Hag
Powers of the witches rise,
Find the hag who speaks in lies
Balance chakra, focus chi
Lead us through the cruel, cruel sea.

Book of Shadows Entry:-

Necron is a Skeletal Being who hovers between Life
and Death. This demon has the power to incinerate
any living creature to feed on its life force. These stolen
life forces sustain Necron through centuries of unlife,
though he requires an unending supply of living essence
to keep him from decaying further.

Fearless Spell
Locked in,
Boxed in,
Full of fear,
My panic grows manic till I can't hear,
In need of reprieve,
So that I can breathe,
Remove my fear,
please make it leave.

To Reveal One's Emotions
Open Phoebe's heart to Cole,
Reveal the secret that it holds,
Bring forth the passion of love's fire,
That he may feel her true desire.

To Vanquish A Skeletal Being
Tide of evil washed ashore,
Bring its darkness evermore,
With all our strength we fight this fate,
Make this evil obliterate.


Part 1:-
Piper: Baby Book. My baby book. Oh, look how squishy I was!
Leo: Hmm, you were so adorable.
Piper: Leo, you can't even see the picture.
Leo: I'm your whitelighter, I've been watching you ever since you were a baby.
Piper: Uh huh. Yeh, see that's too creepy to think about.

Craig: Who are you people?
Paige: Witch.
Leo: Angel.
Phoebe: Mermaid.
Paige: Don't you mean Witch?

Leo: Will you slow down on this magic kick. Look at your hair, it's still red from the potion you blew up last night.
Paige: Do you have any idea how much this would cost in the salon?

Paige: What is going on with everybody? We're talking about the Sea Hag. The mysterious monster of the deep blue sea. The one whose name strikes fear into the hearts of sailors everywhere.
Piper: Okay. Somebody's been watching way too much Discovery Channel.

Phoebe: Go to Hell.
Cole: Actually I was just there.

Paige: I haven't seen her this happy since Cole died.
Leo: Which time?
Paige: Good point.

Paige: It's official. Phoebe's on the run.
Leo: On the swim, technically.
Part 2:-
Cole: You need psychological help.
Paige: Okay, that's probably true—especially because I cannot believe what I am about to say—but I think Phoebe's still in love with you.
Cole: Oh, yeah. "Phoebe hates you so much her body erupted in scales." That's what you said this morning.
Paige: Okay, maybe an unfortunate choice of words...

Patty: Piper. I know why you've been afraid. You don't want to leave your baby the way I left you. But spells won't make that fear go away. Only faith will. Have faith that your destiny is different than mine. Take my hand.

Cole: Wait, before you say anything-
Paige: Not to say, do, because I'm about to orb your family jewels far, far away.
Cole: Yeah, that would hurt.

Phoebe: You are holding me hostage!
Paige: Yep looks like it.
Phoebe: Look I am not a common goldfish. I cannot ignore the call of the sea!
Paige: Well the call of the common bathtub is just gonna have to do.

Phoebe: How do I do that?
Piper: I don't know. Get in touch with your inner fish!

Darryl: Let's pretend for a second here, just for the sake of argument, that you saved my butt because you are my friend. So as your hypothetical friend, can I give you some advice? Cole: Yeah.
Darryl: Don't do this to yourself.
Cole: I can't help it.
Darryl: You love her, I get it. And your love, it's epic. Okay. But look what it's doing to you.
Cole: Paige says she hates me. She says I should leave for good. You've known her for a long time, Darryl, what do you think? Should I leave?
Darryl: I know you don't want to. But what you want really doesn't matter, right?
Cole: Right.
Darryl: Well, there you go.


6.3 Million viewers watched this episode.
When reading through the script Piper told the crew that Alyssa had a fear of water, Alyssa stated that she had made a mistake by reading the script a day before shooting because she is deathly afraid of water.
Alyssa only went into water up to her waist with most of her scenes being done by her stunt double.
In the episode we discover Phoebe is allergic to shellfish.
Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano become producers on the show.
The episode like the beginning of Season #4 is a double episode and has modified credits at the beginning.
Paige learns how her birth mother Patty died.
Piper's baby is able to perform magic from insider the womb... Healing Piper when she becomes hurt making Piper invincible. Which we will see more of in a fight with Cole.


B*Witched » Blame It On The Weatherman


The Sea Hag
The Sea Hag is an evil witch who has the power to cause hurricanes, rainstorms and other weather disasters. She can also grant mermaids their wish for legs in return for their immortality. This is what she did with Miley, the mermaids go on land to find love, they have one month to find love if they do not succeed the mermaid has to give the sea hag their immortality, she gives Miley just one month to go on land and find love so that she can stay mortal. Miley does find someone but she has to get him to say I Love You but time is running out and the sea hag wants her immortality. Miley goes to the Charmed Ones for help against the sea hag. The Sea Hag cast a spell in order to track down Mylie, she found her at The Manor. She attacks the sisters and manages to take Mylie back with her. Mylie thinks there is no sign of the man she found to love her so she takes the sea hag's Auger Shell and places it over her heart, the Auger Shell draws out her immortality and giving it to the sea hag. The sea hag is attacked by the Charmed Ones Paige orbs the Auger Shell from Mylie to the sea hag but it falls into the water, Phoebe then swims to the bottom of the water and jumps up out of the water and throws the Auger Shell at the sea hag which turns the sea hag in to a pile of dust.

Necron is a demonic skeletal being who has the power to kill anything living and feed off it's lifeforce. Necron came across the sea hag's lair and tried to take her life force but instead she made a deal with him in exchange for her life she will give him the immortality of a mermaid. Necron returned some time later to claim that immortality of a mermaid called Mylie that the sea hag had promised her legs if she found love in a month if not she would take her immortality and give it to Necron. He tries again to kill the sea hag after she failed to capture Miley so made another deal with him, in anger he agreed then killed his lackey to feed off. He again returned only this time he found the sea hag was a pile of ashes. Instead he spots Phoebe a mermaid as she is now he tries to kill her but she gets away injured but away. Phoebe was found by some fishermen but Necron wanted the mermaid for himself and killed the fisherman whilst doing so Phoebe managed to call for Leo who orbed her back to the Manor to safety. Necron finds the Manor and kidnaps Piper, he ties her up and tortures her to lure Phoebe to him but Piper has cast a spell of no fear and just laughs at Necron, Phoebe appeared and Necron threw the Auger Shell on her but then Paige appeared and orbed the Auger Shell off her before it killed her then the sister's said a spell to vanquish Necron who disappeared in a huge explosion.

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