4x17 Saving Private Leo


Season 4: 4x17 Saving Private Leo
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Doug E. Jones, Daniel Cerone
Director: John Behring
Original Airdate: 28th March 2002
Two ghosts from Leo's past reappear to get revenge on Leo for leaving them to die, Nathan and Rick died in 1942 during the war and feel Leo is to blame, the more angry they get the more they are able to move things, and start killing people and then eventually go after Piper, as Leo feels guilty for what happened to the brothers he loses his powers now he must face his demons of the past in order to save Piper. Phoebe decides it is time to move out and live with Cole on their own, and Cole gets a new assistant but is she really what she seems?


4x17:Saving Private Leo

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Julian McMahon » Cole Turner
Costas Mandylor » Rick Lang
Louis Mandylor » Nathan Lang
Debra Kellner » Julie
Rene Heger » Greg
James Greene » Veteran

Book Of Shadows

To Vanquish A Ghost
Ashes to ashes,
Spirit to spirit.
Take their soul,
Banish this evil.


Julie: Cole Turner's office.
Phoebe: Hey, who's this?
Julie: I'm Julie, Mr. Turner's new assistant. Who's this?
Phoebe: I'm Phoebe, Mr. Turner's new wife.

Piper: I'll go get the book and brush up on my ghostbusting.
Paige: No, no. I'll go do it.
Piper: You just said you were late for work
Paige: Yeah, but he's a ghost, who knows where he came from, what era. He's like a piece of manhunk history.

Cole: (Interviewing Julie)What kind of legal document did you draft as a paralegal?
Julie: Discovery, administrative, pretrial, trial, motions, pleadings.
Cole: What's your dictation speed?
Julie: 120 words per minute.
Cole: How fast can you shimmer across town?
Julie: 30 miles in two seconds.

Phoebe: Cole wants us to get our own place
Paige: What, you mean move out?
Phoebe: Yeah, you know, like normal married couples do.
Piper: We didn't.
Phoebe: Yeah, but you're not normal.

Paige: Hey! Newsflash - friends don't kill each other!


It took Piper one time to say the spell to banish the ghost, yet when Prue said it in season #1 she had to repeat the spell several times for it to work.
When Leo was in the war he was married but didn't have any children, surely his friends would of known this and therefore would know that Leo didn't have any grandchildren.


3.9 Million viewers watched this episode
Costas and Louis who play the brothers Rick and Nathan Lang are in fact brothers in real life.
Paige uses her sensing power for the first time in this episode when she tries to find Leo.
This is the first of three episodes with Leo in the title.


Rusted Root » Welcome To My Party
Rusted Root » Big Trouble (Lots of Fun)


Rick and Nathan Lang
Rick and Nathan are not demons or warlocks but ghosts that want revenge on Leo for letting them die during the war. They find out that Leo's grandson is to attend a veteran reunion and think this is their best chance at killing Leo. After they turn up at the manor and stab Leo with a knife he heals himself they then realize that it is actually Leo and not his grandson. Knowing they cannot kill Leo they decide to go after the people he is close too. They attack one of Leo's charges and make him watch as she dies so he can't heal her, they then go after Piper, but once Piper is a ghost and with the help of her sister's they are able to vanquish the ghosts as only a ghost can say the spell to vanquish a ghost.

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