4x14 The Three Faces Of Phoebe


Season 4: 4x14 The Three Faces Of Phoebe
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Curtis Kheel
Director: Joel J. Feigenbaum
Original Airdate: 14th February 2002
Phoebe casts a spell to see if she should marry Cole which results in her older and younger self to the present will she get the answer she is looking for? What she doesn't realise is that the source is not taking Cole over he realises he is becoming more and more evil, the demon Kurzon who believes the source is dead is talked into trying to kill the charmed ones by the Seer. Piper decides that she should write a will after all the things that have happened lately.


4x14:The Three Faces Of Phoebe

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Julian McMahon » Cole Turner
Harry Van Gorkum » Kurzon
Frances Bay » Older Phoebe
Samantha Goldstein » Younger Phoebe
Debbie Morgan » The Seer
Andrew Ableson » Jax
David Reivers » Bob Cowan

Book Of Shadows

An extremely powerful Demon, Kurzon is an enemy of
The Source who was banished from the underworld for
inciting a failed coup. Although exiled, Kurzon still
seeks to destroy The Source and
take over the underworld.
He is too dangerous
to be trusted.


To Hear Your Heart's Desire
Write your question on a piece of paper, crumple it up and light it on fire with a candle. Recite the spell and drop it into the cauldron. My love strong,
My spirit weak,
It is an answer that I seek.
The question burns within this fire,
So I may hear my heart's desire.

To Vanquish Kurzon
Hell threw you from it's inner core,
But Earth won't hold you anymore.
Since Heaven cannot be your place,
Your flesh and blood we now erase.


Little Phoebe: Oh, my gosh! Who are you?
Phoebe: That guy is Cole. He's our fiancee.
Little Phoebe: Wait, you mean he's our prince? The one who sweeps us off our feet?
Piper: Haha, Prince?

Cole: : Who are you?
Old Phoebe: : Maybe this will refresh your memory. You bastard. (slaps Cole across the face.)

Old Phoebe: Ah, the good old days. Of course, nobody's gonna take you seriously until you stop dressing like a tramp.
Phoebe: A tramp? That is so 'in' right now.

Phoebe: I can explain, you are dreaming.
Piper: Dreaming?
Phoebe: Yes, dreaming. And you are going to wake up in your room and everything is going to be fine.
Little Phoebe: I'm ten, I'm not stupid. Grams!
Piper: Wow, I do not miss that.

Phoebe: Having a little trouble with young Phoebe?
Piper: Yeah, enough to make me reconsider having children. Maybe we should just lie to her again.
Phoebe: No. I think I have an idea.
Little Phoebe: Stay away from me or I'll sick Prue on you.
Piper: Oh, yeah, don't go there.


In the Book of Shadows the entry on Belthazor is now in a different order as previously in the episode "Look Who's Barking".


4.7 Million viewers watched this episode
Leo states that orbing burns a lot of calories
This is the one of four episodes with Phoebe in the title.


No music in this episode.


Kurzon is an upper level demon who is the source's enemy. Now the source has been vanquished Kurzon is looking to take over the underworld again. After the seer sees what Kurzon is trying to do she tells him he has a witch who is on to him and tells him should he kill this witch he would become the next source, so Kurzon appears at the manor to attack the witch not realizing it was The Charmed Ones. Kurzon comes after little Phoebe in the hope of killing her to stop the sisters becoming the Charmed Ones making the way for him to become the leader of the underworld - The Source! However Cole stopped him from attacking little Phoebe and revealed that he was The Source. Kurzon then decides to go after Cole and kill the source himself but older Phoebe stands in his way and then the sisters vanquish Kurzon for good.

Images of the episode "The Three Faces Of Phoebe"




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