4x13 Charmed and Dangerous


Season 4: 4x13 Charmed and Dangerous
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Monica Breen, Alison Schapker
Director: Jon Parè
Original Airdate: 7th February 2002
Phoebe has a premonition that Cole dives in front of her to save her from a fireball and it hit's him worried that he will die she doesn't tell him but tries to keep him busy out of the house as that's where it happened, meanwhile the source kills the good guardian that is protecting the hollow and puts the hollow in the evil guardian to collect the powers from The Charmed Ones then kill them, the seer comes to see Cole and makes him an offer to help save the charmed ones only no one sees how this may affect Cole.


4x13:Charmed and Dangerous

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Julian McMahon » Cole Turner
Dorian Gregory » Darryl Morris
Peter Woodward » The Source Of All Evil
Robert Madrid » Darklighter
Debbi Morgan » The Seer
Caprice Benedetti » The Angel
Lawrence Smilgys » The Devil
Camilla Rantsen » Carolyn Seldon

Book Of Shadows

The Hollow
Ancient beyond measure,
The Hollow is the most powerful and unstable force known
to magic. For an eternity, both good and evil have guarded
the release of The Hollow's un-stoppable, all-consuming hunger

Summoning Spell:-

Ultirusque A Profogus
Addo Is Hic, Addo Is Iam.
Nos Dico Super In Concessus Vox
Bonus Quod Malum.

Guardians Of The Hollow
Thirty five hundred years ago,
The Hollow was unleashed on the world.
The Hollow is a force that has the power
to consume all magical powers, good or
evil and is impossible to destroy.
While roaming the earth The Hollow
nearly decimated all magic. Good and
Evil had to join forces and combine
their strongest magic to contain it.
It was placed in an ancient crypt and
is guarded by a representative from
both sides, an Angel and a Devil, for all


Vanishing Spell
Let the object of objection
become but a dream
As I cause the seen
to be unseen

To Call A Lost Witch
Powers of the witches rise
course unseen across the skies
Come to us who call you near
come to us and settle here

To Call Upon Our Ancestors
Prudence, Penelope,
Patricia, Melinda ...
Astrid, Helena,
Laura and Grace.
Halliwell witches
stand strong beside us,
Vanquish this evil
from time and space.

To Contain The Hollow
Good and Evil together need to cast this spell in order for it to work:
Aboleo Extum Cavium Du Eternias


Cole: (referring to the demon in Phoebe's premonition) What'd he look like?
Phoebe: Creepy half-face, and his good side has tribal markings, a little bit like...
Cole: Belthazor.
Phoebe: A little bit. Do you know who he is? Does he work for the Source?
Cole: He doesn't work for the Source, Phoebe — he is the Source.

Paige: Oh, my God!
The Source: Not quite.

Piper: A demon? What kind of demon?
Phoebe: One with a half a face.
Piper: Yuck!!

Source: Say hello to Prue for me.

Paige: Five magic crystals oriented east to west. Magic circle, check.
Piper: Oh, purple good, purple equals exploding power. Exploding power, check.
Phoebe: One fabulously written Source vanquishing spell, check.
Cole: Don't get cocky.
Phoebe: Not cocky, confident.
Piper: We are talking about the Source of all evil, maybe measured optimism is best.


When Leo is shot with a Darklighters arrow Piper pulls the arrow out. However in Season #1 when Leo appears at the Manor with an arrow in his shoulder Leo tells them not to touch it because of the poison and instead Prue uses her power to take the arrow out of Leo.

Over the course of the series “The Source” hands have changed multiple times in this episode he has white hands they have previously been Red and Black.


4.7 Million viewers watched this episode
Peter Woodward who plays “The Source” appears in season #7 in the episode “Someone To WitchOver Me” as another character.
This is the first time we see “The Sources” face.
This is one of the episodes with “Charmed” in the title, there is nine episodes altogether with it in.


Natalie Imbruglia » Goodbye


The Source
The Source of all evil runs the underwold. Years have passed as he’s tried to kill the Charmed Ones and not succeeded now it’s time to take matters into his own hands and kill the sister’s himself. He starts by releasing “The Hollow” which has been locked away for centuries as it’s too powerful and consumes all magic good or evil. This however does not stop him releasing it for his own gain. The source manages to get the hollow to consume Pipers power and tries to discover how to use it himself, he is then able to take Paige’s power too leaving the sister’s vunerable however The Seer convinces Cole that he needs to help the balance of good and evil and makes him consume “The Hollow” just as the source is about to kill the sister’s Cole appears from nowhere and consumes the source’s power and uses it against him whilst the sisters say the vanquishing spell finally vanquishing The Source once and for all… or so they think!

Images of the episode "Trial By Magic"




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