4x09 Muse To My Ears


Season 4: 4x09 Muse To My Ears
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Krista Vernoff
Director: Joel J. Feigenbaum
Original Airdate: 13th December 2001
SummaryA warlock named Devlin has stolen the ring of inspiation and is capturing muses, he wants to kill The Charmed Ones and take over the underworld by inspiring evil, meanwhile Cole must adjust to his new life as a mortal but becomes frustrated when trying to help the sisters without any powers.


4x09:Muse To My Ears

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Julian McMahon » Cole Turner
Anthony Starke » Devlin
Siobhan Flynn » Melody
Cindy Ambuehl » Bev
Chad Kukahiko » Jackson
Siena Goines » Muse
Graham Shiels » Rake

Book Of Shadows

Book Of Shadows:-

Beings of Pure Light whose sole purpose is to inspire people's passion and creativity.
Like angels, they guide us with an unseen hand of Inspiration.
Unlike Whitelighters, Muses are invisible even to their charges and can only be seen by other angelic beings.


To Make a Muse Visible
Being of Creativity,
Show yourself now to me.
Your light that shines upon our face,
Let our vision now embrace.

To Find a Muse
Being of Creativity,
We call ourselves now to Thee.
Your light now darkened in a ring,
Shall feel the Power of Three we bring.

To Make a Muse Invisible
Being of Creativity,
Hide yourself now from me.
Your light that shines upon our face,
From our vision now erase.

Phoebe Halliwell's Warlock Vanquishing Spell
Evil is a faithful foe,
but Good does battle best,
We witches will, with these words
waste the Warlock's Evil zest.


Phoebe: Where are you going?
Piper: P3
Phoebe: At 9 in the morning, don't club kids sleep in?
Piper: Corporate party, big money, total nightmare.
Phoebe: Uh, what if there's an attack?
Piper: At 9am? Don't demons sleep in?

Paige: Who's attacking us?
Piper: No one.
Paige: Right on, I get the weekend off.
Piper: See now that is the spirit.

Phoebe: This is perfect. We need a theme. You're an artistic, creative type.
Paige: A theme?
Phoebe: Yeah, I'll explain on the way. Us theme, you potion.
Piper: Me peeved, you annoying.
Phoebe: It's about good versus evil, and wrong versus right, and our job as witches to fight the good fight.
Piper: Dr. Seuss, is that you?

Phoebe: Okay, you guys, we have a warlock to catch. And I know were beaten, and I know we're tired, but that does not mean we can just lay down and play dead.
Piper: I don't think we're gonna have to play.

Piper: Great, well, I say the only good Source is a dead Source.

Phoebe: So, I was thinking, since you're the potions master, isn't there something you could whip up? Some kind of protection potion, maybe?
Piper: Pheebs, if there was such a thing as a protection potion we'd be mixing it in our morning coffee.


4.5 Million viewers watched this episode.
Paige kills her first demon on her own in this episode, she orbs the energy ball back at the demon, much like Prue was able to do.
This episode won an award 'EDGE AWARD' certificate of merit. This was for dealing with gun issues and safety.
This is the third time a ring has been used by a demon in Charmed. "That '70s Episode" and "Heartbreak City". There will be two more episodes where a ring is used. "Gone with the Witches" and "Forever Charmed"


No music in this episode


Devlin is a warlock who wants to take over the underworld. He has managed to steal the 'Ring of Inspiration' in order to help him to be stronger. He starts to steal people's muses and traps them in the 'Ring of Inspiration'. Devlin wants to kill the Charmed Ones, he knows even if he kills one of them he will make his way to the top of the underworld therefore taking over from the Source. The muses he has stolen and trapped in the ring of inspiration are then used to inspire his warlock friends they infiltrate P3 and pretend to be part of the party that is on however the sister's know what's happening and figure out a way of finding which one of them are warlocks. The sister's kill some of the warlocks and ask the others if they want to die to so they all disappear, but whilst all this is going on they have failed to notice that Devlin has glamored into Melody the muse he follows them outside where he touches Phoebe's face with the touch of death hoping to kill her. Cole manages to throw Devlin to the floor while he is still disguised as Melody. Devlin then glamours back to himself and sends Cole flying across the alley, the sister's then come together to say a spell and vanquish Devlin, then using the ring to set Melody free and go back to helping the sister's with inspiration.'

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