4x08 Black As Cole


Season 4: 4x08 Black As Cole
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Curtis Kheel
Director: John Behring
Original Airdate: 1st November 2001
Cole and Phoebe vanquish a scavenger demon then Cole asks Phoebe to marry him, while Sykes a demon who looks like Belthazor is killing witches. Leo and Piper attempt to look after a Robokid to see how they would cope with all the demons and fighting whilst looking after children, it seems things won't be that easy.


4x08:Black As Cole

Episode Cast

Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowan » Paige Matthews
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Julian McMahon » Cole Turner
Vincent Angell » Sykes
Aaron Brumfield » Demon Sykes
Heather Dawn » Emma
Michael Bailey Smith » Belthazor
Sara Lynn Moneymaker » Marika
Kaycee Shank » Kari

Book Of Shadows

Book Of Shadows:-

Scavenger Demon
Lower-level demon, feeds on the remains of other demons' victims.
Thisdemon is usually black and covered in a green ectoplasm.
It has the power to shoot a string of ectoplasm out of the palm of its hand, similar to a spider's web.
With this, it can hide in high places and easily capture its prey.


Paige: A demon who likes to kill witches. Well, that narrows it down to about every page in the book.
Piper: We have one clue. We know he likes to use an athame.
Paige: How does that help?
Piper: Well, it means he has hands. Keep flipping.

Paige: So I hear you and Leo are thinking about having a baby.
Piper: Where did you hear that from?
Paige: From Phoebe. Oh, did I just break some sort of sister confidentiality clause?
Piper: No, you didn't. And no, we are not. Keep flipping.

Phoebe: What do you want?
Sykes: The same thing you do, only I call him Belthazor.

Phoebe: Well, just because you're not a demon anymore doesn't mean we can't live in sin.

Phoebe: We have to stop meeting like this.
Cole: Marry me.
Phoebe: What?

Paige: You were a demon and a lawyer? Insert joke here.
Piper: I don't think a witch is allowed to marry a demon honey, we can't have a demon in the family.


5.2 Million viewers watched this episode.
This is the last time Michael Bailey Smith plays Belthazor.
We see Holly Marie Combs tattoo's on her wrist for the first time, they have previously been covered up.
In this episode Cole is wearing the same clothes that he wears in the promotional photo's.
This is the first time Paige see's Cole in his demon form. It's from this episode that she starts to distrust him which get's progressively worse through the series.


No music in this episode


Sykes is an upper level demon who is very similar to Belthazor. Like Belthazor he is half demon and has a human form too he looks up to Belthazor as one of the most powerful demons. Sykes is killing all the witches from a coven, like Cole he poses as a DA so that he can get close to his victims and then kill them. Sykes manages to kill most of the women from the coven however his last attempt at killing the last member is thwarted by The Charmed Ones. Phoebe poses as the last member after she has a premonition of him but he gets away after he realises it's not her and a mysetrious woman shows up and tries to kill the demon. This causes Sykes to go after The Charmed Ones which Cole knew he would do, but Cole realises he cannot beat Sykes without fully becoming Belthazor again. Sykes appears at the Manor to kill the sister's he kidnaps Phoebe to lure Cole to him so that he can kill him. Cole finds Sykes in the attic with Phoebe and turns himself into Belthazor. The two demons fight which ends up with Cole vanquishing Sykes and the mysterious woman stripping Cole of his powers.'

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