3x11 Blinded By The Whitelighter


Season 3: 3x11 Blinded By The Whitelighter<
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Nell Scovell
Director: David Straiton
Original Airdate: 25th January 2001
SummaryThere is a warlock killing witches and stealing their powers in order for their Whitelighters to come and help them so that he can kill all the Whitelighters in the world and get to the elders, while a friend of Leo's an annoying Whitelighter causes problems between Piper and Leo.


3x11:Blinded By The Whitelighter

Episode Cast

Shannen Doherty » Prue Halliwell
Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Steve Valentine » Eames
Audrey Wasilewski »Natalie
Keith Diamond » Reece Davidson
Camille Langfield » Vivian
Graham Shiels » Darklighter

Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows Entry:
A cunning Warlock
who has collected
the power of Cloning,
and Fire.
In 1991, Eames murdered
a Witch in Glasgow,
Scotland and stole the
Cloning Power.
In 1989, Eames killed a
Witch in Nairobi, Kenya
and took the Power of
All witches should consider
him to be a serious threat.
Bestowed upon one witch in
a generation, the Power of
Deflection is a witch's best
shield against the forces of
Darkness. Deflection can be
used against all Supernatural
powers, including those of
Good, and, potentially, it could
be manipulated to defend evil as well.
Like a shield, the Deflection power must be
consciously activated; therefore, a Witch with
this power is vulnerable when unaware of an
impending supernatural attack.


Phoebe: Hey, if we don't vanquish Eames, can we at least vanquish Natalie?
Piper: Don't tempt me.

Natalie: You must prepare yourselves for battle, mentally, physically, sartorially.
Phoebe: I'm sorry, what?
Piper: She doesn't like our clothes.
Natalie: You need outfits that are loose and move, that means no more bra-less, strapless,...fearless attire.
Prue: Okay, but then I have nothing to wear.

Leo: Hey, you want to freeze me in bed for your own personal pleasure, that is fine, but freezing Natalie is not gonna make her or the Elders happy.

Natalie: Alright, lets pretend I'm the enemy.
Prue: Oh, that is way too easy.
Natalie: Very funny. Now, talk me through how you plan to separate me from my crossbow.
Piper: OK, first I freeze you.
Natalie: I deflect that.
Phoebe: I guess I could levitate and kick you.
Natalie: You just kicked a clone.
Prue: All right, how about I send in an astral Prue as a decoy and then I just ... (flicks her hand and the piece of wood in Natalie's hand goes flying) Oh, I'm so sorry. (Phoebe laughs)
Natalie: Not as sorry as you would be if I just blinked behind you and stabbed you to death.
Prue: Well, that would be bad.
Piper: Ouch.
Phoebe: All right, you know what? This is too hard. Usually in these situations, you know, everything happens so quickly. The adrenaline is pumping.
Natalie: I want you to think using your brains, not your glands. Now try again.


Piper and Leo are officially engaged.
Phoebe tells Leo that Cole is still alive.
Graham Shiels plays the darklighter that Eames summons and kills we see him again in season 4 the episode "Muse To My Ears".
This is the first episode in which a whitlelighter is killed.


Rob Base » It Takes Two


Eames is a powerful warlock who is trying to kill all whielighters. He attacks whitelighter's charges and steals their powers his ultimate goal to get to the heavens to kill all the whitelighters and elders. Eames kills one of Natalie's charges in the hope of her turning up to save her however Natalie thinks it's a trap. Natalie and the sister's go to the aid of her charge and get Eames's crossbow off him. However back at the Manor Eames has described himself as the crossbow and reveals himself then he kidnaps Natalie and stabs her. Once Natalie dies Eames steals her whitelighter powers and orbs himself with the crossbow into the heavens to kill all the elders and whitelighters but once Eames is up there he starts to shoot his crossbow but The Charmed Ones are already up there and they manage to fire Eames own arrow into him they then say a spell to kill him.

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