3x01 The Honeymoon's Over


Season 2: 3x01 The Honeymoon's Over
Writer(s): Brad Kern
Director: James L. Conway
Original Airdate: 5th October 2000
Summary Emilio Smith is protected by demons known as the guardians, although Emilio is human he is a killer, he carves a symbol into the victims forehead and the guardians then steal an innocent soul through the opening. Prue and phoebe save Darryl from a guardian outside p3, then must testify in court, the court however is not what it seems. Phoebe falls for the assistant district attorney Cole Turner.


3x01:The Honeymoon's Over

Episode Cast

Shannen Doherty » Prue Halliwell
Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Brian Krause » Leo
Dorien Gregory » Darryl Morris
Julian McMahon » Cole Turner
Harry Danner » Judge William Hamilton
Fleming Brooks » Emilio Brooks
Stoney Jackson » P.D. Alan Sloan

Book Of Shadows

No spells in this episode

Book of Shadows entry: Guardians
This symbol of darkness
indicates the presence
of a great evil.
An opening by which demons
known as the Guardians
steal an innocent soul.
In exchange, the Guardian
offers protection
of the mortal evil
during his time on earth.
To vanquish a guardian
from whence it came
you must impale it
at its source of power.


Darryl: You better decide fast. Here comes the ADA.
Cole: Ladies. My name is Cole Turner and I'm the Assistant District Attorney assigned to this case. I was wondering if either of you saw what happened here.
Phoebe: I did!

Cole: You get anything out of him?
Darryl: Nope, he's not talking.
Cole: Yeah? Seems to be an epidemic.

Leo: Piper!
Piper: This is so not happening.
Leo: Listen to me, Piper. I told you, I've thought this whole thing through.
Piper: Uh huh. Is that why you asked me to marry you in a toilet?

Phoebe: Okay, what was that all about? I didn’t even get to bitch at her.

Piper: So, why did you do that to your hair?
Phoebe: To change my luck.


Phoebe finally gets her active power in this season and in particular this episode "Levitation".
Julian McMahon who plays newcomer Cole Turner is added to the opening credits as a regular cast member.
At the end of season #2 Piper and Leo are seen orbing to the elders. When this episode of season #3 starts we find out that time moves a lot faster up there as Piper has been gone for a month but Piper thinks she's only been gone for a day.


Barenaked Ladies »Pinch Me


William Hamilton
William Hamilton also known as "Free Willy" is an upper level demon who poses as a judge. He has the highest release rate of criminals in San Francisco. He assigns "Guardians" to the criminals he releases, he is named Free Willy due to the amount of criminals he has released. After one of the criminals he released is caught by the Charmed Ones killing an innocent he is arrested only to be set free by Judge Hamilton again and assigned another guardian. He is once again arrested only this time the sister's are there to stop Judge Hamilton from giving out guardians but the whole court room staff are all demons along with the judge, a fight breaks out between the sister's and the demons after Piper freezes Cole, Leo and Darryl...The judge turns into a demon and tells his men to kill the sister's. When the judge goes back to his chambers he orders all the guardians to follow him and they all fly out of the courtroom men and into the back of him...When the sister's run in after him to kill him Cole suddenly unfreezes and shimmers back into the chambers in front of judge Hamilton, Cole then kills the judge with a ball of fire and shimmers back to where he was before the sister's can see him, leaving the judge to die in a ball of flames along with the guardians in front of the Charmed Ones.

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