2x16 Murphy's Luck


Season 2: 2x16 Murphy's Luck
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, David Simkins
Director: John Behring
Original Airdate: 30th March 2000
Summary Maggie has had nothing but bad luck for years she tries to commit suicide and Prue helps her. When Maggie is in the police station Prue casts a spell to change Maggie's luck only she is seen by the Darklighter who cast the spell on Maggie for bad luck, and now he put's the spell on her and now nothing goes right for Prue, driving her to commit suicide.


2x16:Murphy's Luck

Episode Cast

Shannen Doherty » Prue Halliwell
Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Amy Adams » Maggie Murphy
Arnold Vosloo » Darklighter
Kent Faulcon » Gil Corso

Book Of Shadows

Receive A Sign
From this moment on your pain is erased,
Your bad luck as well,
Enjoy your good luck Maggie,
You're free from this Hell.


Maggie: Who are you?
Prue: My name is Prue. This is my sister, Phoebe.
Phoebe: Hi, Maggie.
Maggie: Two angels.
Phoebe: Oh, no, I'm just a student.

Phoebe: Oh, that. You’re not actually writing him a dear John letter are you?
Piper: No, of course not. He deserves more than that. A lot more but it’s just hard. I don’t wanna hurt him. Dan’s a great guy and he’s been really good to me and we’ve never really had any huge problems.
Phoebe: No, I mean the only huge problem is that you really love Leo and he loves you and he gave up his mortality for you.
Piper: I know. Which is obviously good for us but I don’t know, lately he’s just seems a bit restless.
Phoebe: You’re thinking too much again. Stop trying to predict the future, alright. That’s my job. Just follow your heart, honey. Good things’ll happen.
Piper: What would I do without you?
Phoebe: Oh suffer endlessly, no doubt.
Piper: Thank you.

Leo: There's gotta be something in here. Damn it! I can't just sit back and do nothing. Think, think! Give me my powers back. I want my powers back. I want my powers back, I want them back now! I can't keep being mortal if this is the cost. I don't wanna lose Piper, but not at the expense of losing one of her sisters. This is my calling. You have to let me help. You have to give me my wings back.


Leo becomes a Whitelighter again in this episode so that he can save Prue.
Piper realises she's in love with Leo and tells him she wants to be with him and not Dan.
This is the first time Prue creates her own spell previously only Phoebe has done this.


When Prue is looking over the bridge and the darklighter is stood behind her it is clear to see downtown Los Angeles even though the show is based in San Francisco.
The Darklighter dresses as a cop and nobody notices him or questions who he is, then again in the hospital he pretends to be a doctor yet nobody notices or says anything to him about who he is and why he's there!


Bif Naked »Lucky
Tara Maclean »Higher


Darklighter also known as a Spirit Killer is a demon who preys on the most vunerable. They usually prey on those who will become future Whitelighters a force of good. They curse their victims with bad luck then using telepathy they try to get them to commit suicide which prevents them from becoming whitelighters.

Images of the episode "Pardon My Past"




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