2x13 Animal Pragmatism


Season 2: 2x13 Animal pragmatism
Writer(s): Chris Levinson, Zack Estrin
Director: Don Kurt
Original Airdate: 10th February 2000
Summary At Phoebe's university 3 girls try to cast a spell to turn 3 animals into men from a love spell book only when Phoebe changes the words to how she thinks it should be does it become a problem, the girls have taped Phoebe and played it in a room with the animals which turns them into humans, they start to cause alot of problems around the city with their animal like behaviour. They try to hunt down Phoebe so that she can cast a spell to keep them human as the spell only lasts 24 hours.


2x13:Animal Pragmatism

Episode Cast

Shannen Doherty » Prue Halliwell
Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Dorian Gregory » Darryl Morris
Richard Wharton » Proffessor
Lela Lee » Tessa
Greg Vaughan » Dan Gordon
Christopher Wiehl » Snake
Tim Griffin » Rabbit
Steve Monroe » Pig
Rafer Weigel » Ethan
Kelly McNair » Andrea
Katie Johnston » Brooke

Book Of Shadows

Love Spell
From strike of 12 count 24 That's how long this spell is for If to abate my lonely heart And chant these gifts I thee impart

To Turn Something into a Human
Something wicked in our midst In animal form these spirits dwell Make them humans sayth this spell.

To Reverse the Human Spell
Undo the magic acted here Reverse the spell so all is clear.


Prue: Why do I have to carry the poisonous snake?
Piper: Because you're the oldest.
Prue: So?
Piper: So you've lived a full life.
Prue: Wait, you think that's the car over there?
Piper: What, you want me to ask him? (She shakes the box the snake is in)
Prue: You know what? You're a smart ass.

Prue: So, Um... do you need help with anything?
Piper: What happened to doing nothing?
Prue: I'm finished.
Piper: You can't finish doing nothing
Prue: So then how do you know when you're done?

Phoebe: I want you all to know that I'm a vegetarian, so I've never eaten any of you!

Prue: Any sign of him?
Piper: Well, I've been watching that one who came in looking for Phoebe but he doesn't seem so creepy. (They both look at Ethan.)
Prue: Yeah, the only magic Phoebe wants to work on him is personal. That's her date.
Piper: Oh. Why do we seem to have a habit of gathering our men at the scene of the supernatural smack down?
Phoebe: It's part of our charm.
Darryl: Hey, ladies.
Piper: Hey, Darryl. Please tell me you're here for a nice romantic evening with your wife.
Darryl: No, that'd be what I'm late for.
Piper: Join the club.

Phoebe: Uh, the good news is the spell worked.
Prue: And the bad news?
Phoebe: The spell worked on everyone.
Piper: I don't have a permit for this kind of party.


The Book of Shadows is not used in this episode and will be the only episode in the entire series in which it is not used.
We find out in this episode that Daryll is married when he tells Piper and Prue he is late for his Valentines dinner with her.
Phoebe reveals she is a vegetarian in this episode telling the animals that she has never eaten any of them.
We meet Dr.Williamson in this episode, we will see him again later in the series.
Matthew Glave who plays Dr. Williamson also appeared in Picket Fences which also starred Holly Marie Combs. Holly Played Kimberly and Matthew played Deputy Skeeter, in a recurring role.


Prue astral projects in a crowd full of people in P3 when Daryll is trying to stop the animal men! However they do not seem bothered that they might be exposed and everyone in the club just carries on like they haven't seen anything!.
When the animal men leave the dorm room in the college it is assumed that they are wearing nothing by everyone's reaction in the college, however after they attack Ethan and walk away you can clearly see that the Snake is wearing boxer shorts.


Janice Robinson »Finally Taking Over
Janice Robinson »Nothing I Would Change
Janice Robsinson »Search for Love
Judith Owen »I Promise You


Snake, Rabbit & Pig
The Snake, Rabbit and Pig are infact animals, animals that are turned human thanks to a spell said by Phoebe. After they are turned human the animals decide they like being this way and go on a mission to find Phoebe as she is the one who made them human so that they don't turn back into animals after 24 hours. Problem is they will and do hurt anyone who gets in their way of getting to Phoebe. During their time of looking for her they are slowly turning back into the animals they were so they must find her as soon as they can.

Images of the episode "Animal Pragmatism"




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