2x12 Awakened


Season 2: 2x11 Awakened
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge, Vivian Mayhew, Valerie Mayhew, Chris Levinson, Zack Estrin
Director: Anson Williams
Original Airdate: 3rd February 2000
Summary Piper imports some fruit for the club only to end up with a virus that puts her into intensive care, Prue and Phoebe cast a spell to save her but because it is used for personal gain there are consequences, Piper rushes around everywhere never stopping and the ninja doll they used for the spell is infecting people in the hospital, Dr. Williams trys to figure out how piper has survived the virus and how it has become airborne as it isn't contagious. Phoebe goes to university and takes up several subjects and Prue quits her job at Bucklands to become a freelance photographer.....



Episode Cast

Shannen Doherty » Prue Halliwell
Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Dorian Gregory » Darryl Morris
Matthew Glave » Dr. Curtis Williamson
Greg Vaughan » Dan Gordon
Andrew Ducote » Nathan
Daniel Reichert » Dr. Siegler
Lochlyn Munro » Jack Sheridan
Louisa Abernathy » Angie

Book Of Shadows

Awakening Spell

Troubled Blood With Unease
Remove The Cause Of This Disease
Sleep Eternal Never More
And Shift This Source Of Illness Bourne
To This Poppet, Whom None Shall Mourn
This Spell Requires A Poppet To Be Placed
Over The Comatose Person's Heart Or Chest
And Press Down Lightly.

To Reverse Awakening Spell
What Was Awakened
From It's Sleep
Must Once Again
Slumber Deep
Return The Disease To
Whence It Came
So Life Can Ease Back
To The Same


Piper: You have to reverse the spell.
Phoebe: No, Piper, we can’t reverse the spell because…
Prue: You could go back into a coma, you could die.
Piper: I’m not gonna die. Just reverse the spell and call Leo so he can heal me.
Phoebe: Leo? I thought you didn’t want us to call Leo.
Piper: Well, yeah, that’s when I thought I was sick, not dying.
Prue: Piper, um, we already talked to Leo, he’s not allowed to help.
Phoebe: They won’t let him.
Piper: Oh. Great. Well thanks for doing something I specifically asked you not to do.

Piper: Hey.
Leo: Hey. How are you feeling?
Piper: Okay. A little tired. Which is actually a good thing. Leo, thank you for everything you...
Leo: Couldn't let you die, Piper.
Piper: I'm very glad you couldn't. Did you get in trouble?
Leo: Yeah, actually, a lot. They found out what I did. They clipped my wings.
Piper: What?
Leo: It's not permanent. It's more like a suspension... I hope.
Piper: Leo, I-I-I don't know what to say.
Leo: You don't have to say anything. You didn't do anything, I did. I guess in the back of my mind I always hoped someday, somehow you and I would get a second chance.
Piper: I'm with Dan now.
Leo: I know. But I also know now that I'm a mortal, I'm gonna fight for you. May the best man win.


This is the last episode we see Jack Sheridan in.
Prue leaves Bucklands in the hope of becoming a freelance photographer.
We meet Dr.Williamson in this episode, we will see him again later in the series.
Matthew Glave who plays Dr. Williamson also appeared in Picket Fences which also starred Holly Marie Combs. Holly Played Kimberly and Matthew played Deputy Skeeter, in a recurring role.


The Sisters were released from quarantine after Piper woke up, surely the doctors would of. Kept them quarantined as they were trying to find out how the Oroya fever was spreading when it isn't an airborne disease.
When Piper is quarantined the doctor's release a statement to say that anyone who had been in contact with Piper had been quarantined but Dan and everyone in P3 when she collapsed were not put into quarantine.


Bush »The Chemicals Between Us
Citizen King »Under the Influence
Everything but the Girl »Five Fathoms
Tori Amos »Lust


Ninja Doll
The Ninja Doll is not exactly a Demon, he is a doll that is brought to life with a spell the sister's use on Piper to make her better after she contracts Oraya fever. They use an awakening spell with Piper's blood and the Ninja doll whilst the spell works it also awakens the doll as part of the effects of personal gain. The Ninja doll then uses his Katana sword to infect people with Oraya fever, the disease is not an airborne and is being spread by the doll. However once the sisters reverse the spell the Ninja doll goes back to being just a Ninja Doll.

Images of the episode "Awakened"




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