2x03 The Painted World


Season 2: 2x03 The Painted World
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge
Director: Kevin Inch
Original Airdate: 14th October 1999
Summary A painting comes into Prue's possession at Bucklands auction house but this is no ordinary painting as Prue finds out she sees a man write help on the window of the house in the painting and reads out an incantation see sees on the painting and is sucked into it only to find herself trapped with a warlock, Phoebe casts a clever spell that lasts 24 hours...


2x03:The Painted World

Episode Cast

Shannen Doherty » Prue Halliwell
Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Phoebe Halliwell
Greg Vaughan » Dan Gordon
Karis Paige Bryant » Jenny Gordon
Paul Kersey » Malcolm
Holly Fields » Jane Franklin
Cindy Lu » Receptionist
Damian Perkins » Joe

Book Of Shadows

Smart Spell
Spirits, send the words From all across the land Allow me to absorb them Through the touch of either hand For 24 hours, from 7 to 7 I will understand all meaning Of the words from here to heaven

To go inside the Painting
Mabsolvo Amitto Amplus Brevus Sempler Mea

To Free someone from the Painting
Verba Omnes Liberant


Dan: It's for a bio class, something with the human reproductive system.
Piper: You mean sex?
Dan: It's just too awkward for me to talk with my niece about.
Piper: Sure, not to worry I have plenty of experience.
Dan: Really! With sex.
Piper: No! I mean.. talking about it. Yeah.

Piper: She's a walking brain-trust, an Einstein with cleavage.

Piper: What?
Prue: We were talking?
Piper: I know. About a man in a painting.. listen to this one. "Hallway near club entrance too narrow"?
Prue: I thought that we had discussed your code violations.
Piper: Well, I keep finding more. The plumbing, the electrical, the heating, it... none of it is up code.
Prue: Stop. You’re obsessing.
Piper: Well, it runs in the family.
Prue: I don’t obsess. I think... intensely... anyway, I can’t really help it. I mean, we’ve seen so many bizarre things, why not a man in a painting.


This episode had 6.4 Million viewers.
The spell to free people from the painting is "Verba Omnis Liberant", which is Latin for "Words free everyone".
The castle in the painting that Nell painted is the Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, United Kingdom.
Piper's club becomes P3 meaning "The Power of Three"


In Season #1 it was said that Warlocks do not bleed, However Malcolm bleeds in this episode when Prue gets trapped in the painting.


Collective Soul »Needs


Malcolm & Jane
Nathaniel Pratt although not a demon is on a witch hunt in the future. Pratt's goal is to rid San Francisco of all witches. After Phoebe is charged in the future for using her powers to kill Cal Greene it is Pratt that prosecutes Phoebe. Pratt's punishment for Phoebe is a modern day burning at the stake! He starts a witch hunt making most witches go underground to hide so they too aren't burnt at the stake. In 2008 Pratt does prosecute Green for the murder but there is no witch hunt as the sister's changed their future...

Images of the episode "Witch Trial"




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