1x21 Love Hurts


Season 1: 1x21 Love Hurts
Writer(s): Chris Levinson, Zack Estrin, Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Director: James Whitmore Jr.
Original Airdate: 19th May 1999
Summary Leo asks the sisters to help protect a girl that a Darklighter wants, Leo cloaks her but it isn't long before he finds Leo and shoots him with a Darklighter arrow, Piper swaps her powers with Leo's so she can heal him but the spell also changes Prue and Phoebe's powers too. There is an internal affairs investigation into the sisters and Andy quits his job in order to hide their secret, can Piper help Leo?...


1x21:Love Hurts

Episode Cast

Shannen Doherty » Prue Halliwell
Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Piper Halliwell
Ted King » Inspector Andy Trudeau
Dorian Gregory » Darryl Morris
Michael Trucco » Alec
Lisa Robin Kelly » Daisy
Carlos Gómez » Inspector Rodriguez
Don Brunner » Inspector Anderson
Tom Yi » Motel Manager

Book Of Shadows

To Exchange Powers
What's mine is yours,
What's yours is mine,
Let our powers cross the line.
I offer up this gift to share,
Switch our powers through the air.


Leo: Being with her broke the rules. Not being with her breaks my heart

Phoebe: Okay Leo, I brought you some... You do eat right?
Leo: Yes Phoebe, I eat.

Prue: Okay, so that spell switched all of our powers.
Piper: Am I going to get yelled at?
Phoebe: It's a supernatural Freaky Friday.

Prue: What is he again?
Phoebe: He's a Whitelighter. You know, kinda like how Peter Pan has Tinkerbell? They're sort of like that only minus the tutu and wings.

Piper [To Daisy]... If you leave, Alec will find you, and Leo's death will mean nothing. You're not going anywhere!
Prue: Hey, what's going on?
Phoebe: You know, the usual. Made some coffee, read the newspaper, walked in on Piper switching powers with Leo. You know.

Piper: Okay I can do this. Now heal. Come on heal. Why aren't these working?

Phoebe: Stella, we are gettin' our groove back.

Piper: I love you, Leo. I found it. Leo? I love you. Can you hear me? [Piper Heals Leo]
Piper: I love you, Leo. Please hear me.
Leo: Piper.
Piper: Oh, thank God. Oh! tried so hard, and I couldn't make it work before. Why didn't you tell me?
Leo: That love was the trigger? You had to find that out on your own. Why couldn't you tell me?
Piper: I don't know. I was afraid. I was afraid if I admitted how I really felt that it would hurt more if I lost you. I'm so sorry. I should've said it before.
Leo: It's better late than never.


This episode had 5.7 Million viewers.
Even though Piper switched hers and Leo's powers, Leo does not use Piper's.
We find out that Detective Rodriguez is a Demon.
Love Hurts is the name of an episode in "House" which stars John Cho who also appeared in Charmed in Dead Man Dating.


Leo tells the sister's in this episode not to touch the Darklighter's arrow because it's poisonous, But in future episodes the arrow is only poisonous to Whitelighter's.


The Pretenders »Human


Alec is a Darklighter the other side of a Whitelighter, Darklighters are evil they can kill just by touching if they choose and they can kill Whitelighters with a poisoned arrow, which can't be reversed but Whitelighters can be healed by a fellow Whitelighter. Alec stalks a girl and kills everyone who gets in his way of getting her, she is cloaked by Leo so the Darklighter can't see her, Alec is killed by Prue when she switches their powers though the air and uses his own power against him....

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