1x09 The Witch Is Back


Season 1: 1x09 The Witch Is Back
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge & Sheryl J Anderson
Director: Richard Denault
Original Airdate: 16th December 1998
Summary Matthew Tate is a warlock from the past who is released from a locket that he was cursed into by one of the Halliwell ancestors Melinda Warren. Rex and Hannah from Buckland, Prue's bosses team up with Matthew to try to steal the sisters powers, the sisters bring back Melinda to try to put him back in the locket.

Episode Cast

Shannen Doherty » Prue Halliwell
Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Piper Halliwell
Ted King » Inspector Andy Trudeau
Dorian Gregory » Darryl Morris
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Billy Wirth » Matthew Tate
Tyler Layton » Melinda Warren
Leigh Allyn Baker » Hannah Webster
Neil Roberts » Rex Buckland
Terry Bozeman » Arnold Halliwell

Book Of Shadows

 To Summon Melinda Warren
Melinda Warren Blood of our Blood Our Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother We Summon Thee

 To Bind Matthew In The Locket
Outside of Time Outside of Gain Know only Sorrow Know only Pain

 To Release Melinda
Melinda Warren Blood of our Blood We release you.


Melinda Warren: How do modern women keep their legs warm?
Prue: We drink coffee.

Matthew Tate: If you like what you see, take a look. What's with all this false modesty in this era?
Hannah: Well, it's complicated with all the Women's Rights and sexual harassment...

Melinda Warren: "To work with One's hands is a great gift."
Leo: Well ... "I am a true laborer. I earn that I eat, get that I wear"
Melinda Warren: "owe no man hate, envy no man's happiness..."
Melinda/Leo: Shakespeare.

Phoebe: You've never asked a guy out before
Piper: Not on a real date, no
Phoebe: I don't understand. Am I the only person in this family who's inherited the 'take a chance' gene?
Piper: Probably, 'cause if I remember my biology correctly it's attached to the 'can't mind my own business' gene.

Melinda Warren: Why? Why did you betray me?
Matthew Tate: You got what you deserve.
Melinda Warren: So, you never loved me? All the passion? All the heat?
Matthew Tate: I had to make you trust me. It was the only way to share your powers
Melinda Warren: And so now you have them. So why would you turn me in? You know I'll burn.
Matthew Tate: I had to keep my secret.

Matthew Tate: Who are you? How do you know me?
Rex Buckland: The short answer is, we're the ones that gave the witch the locket that had you freed. I suppose you could say that we're partners.
Matthew Tate: I work alone.
Rex Buckland: Not in this century you don't. You're new in town. New in time. You need our help I see you've been shopping. Find what you're looking for?
Matthew Tate: I want Melinda Warren's children.
Hannah Webster: Talk about your coincidences.
Rex Buckland: You see, we have the means to find them for you, and you have the ability to take their powers.


Melinda Warren comments on how thick The Book of Shadows has gotten over the years, but the book was started after Melinda had died, so Melinda wouldn't know anything about it.

It is said that Melinda burned at the stake during the Salem witch trials, but anyone found to be a witch was hanged at the witch trials.


This episode was watched by 6 Million viewers.
This was Taylor Layton's last TV role.
Before Melinda leaves, Phoebe gives her a premonition which shows her many more beautiful daughters, but the next generation of witches are male when Piper first has Wyatt and then has Chris.
When Melinda first appears her first words to the sister's is "Blessed Be"


Holly McNarland »In the Air Tonight
Counting Crows »Round Here


Matthew Tate
Matthew is a 17th century warlock, he is able to copy any power that has been used on him and become able to use it himself. He used Melinda Warren so he could copy her powers then exposed her as a witch and had her sentenced to burn at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials. Unfortunately for Matthew whilst he visited Melinda when she was imprisoned she stripped him of his powers he had copied from her and banished him inside a locket, Matthew cannot be released from the locket unless either Melinda or one of her ancestors opens it to free him!

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