1x07 The Fourth Sister


Season 1: 1x07 The Fourth Sister
Writer(s): Constance M. Burge & Edithe Swensen
Director: Gilbert Adler
Original Airdate: 18th November 1998
Summary Kali a powerful sorceress cons a young girl into witchcraft she desperately wants to be with the charmed ones and befriends Phoebe in the hope that she will be able to join the family. Piper and Phoebe try to get Leo's attention and Prue tries to find some quality time with Andy.

Episode Cast

Shannen Doherty » Prue Halliwell
Holly Marie Combs » Piper Halliwell
Alyssa Milano » Piper Halliwell
Ted King » Inspector Andy Trudeau
Dorian Gregory » Darryl Morris
Brian Krause » Leo Wyatt
Danielle Harris » Aviva
Rebekah Carlton » Kali
Rebecca Balding » Aunt Jackie

Book Of Shadows


None in this episode. However there is a summon...

To Summon Kali

Come to me Kali, I conjure thee Kali
Come to me Kali, I conjure thee Kali


[Talking about Leo]
Phoebe: Oh. Quite possibly the finest glutes in the city.
Piper: In the state.
Phoebe: In all the land.
Piper: I saw him first. .

Piper: So you know... it's not like either one of us has a problem finding guys...
Phoebe: Please.
Piper: So if one of us got Leo, it'd be ok with the other one.
Phoebe: Absolutely.
Piper: So we can just consider this a friendly competition.
Phoebe: Sibling rivalry.
Piper: War.
Phoebe: Exactly!

Phoebe: Okay, Piper tell me the truth. Am I a boyfriend thief?
Piper: Totally.
Phoebe: Besides Roger. Whom, by the way, Prue, I never touched.
Piper: My boyfriend, Billy Wilson.
Phoebe: [chuckles] Bill... Wil... Eighth grade Billy Wilson?
Piper: You kissed him at homecoming.
Phoebe: I did not kiss him at homecoming.
Piper: Oh, please. You were all over him, with your breasts all...whatever.
Phoebe: I didn't even have breasts back then.
Piper: Phoebe, you've always had breasts.


When Kit the cat goes missing Leo puts up flyers with their address on to return to if found, however on the flyer the address is 7571 Prescott Street but during the rest of the whole of the series the address is 1329 Prescott Street.


This episode was watched by 6.6 Million viewers.
Aunt Jackie played by Rebecca Balding was later cast again in Charmed as Phoebe's boss at The Bay Mirror
Kali suggests to Aviva that she use Phoebe as a way into the family, later in the series Cole/Belthazor also uses Phoebe to get to the Charmed Ones and The Book of Shadows
This is the only episode in which Andy and Leo meet each other.
Piper refers to Grams as Grandma in this episode, this is the only time any of the sister's uses the term Grandma, everyone always calls her Grams


Elysian Fields »Lady in the Lake
Uma »Wheel


Kali is a sorceress trapped into her own dimension, she possesses innocents so that they can steal powers from witches, she is cursed into a mirror and can only leave through and innocent she takes over, she throws fireballs too. Kali can only be vanquished when her reflection in the mirror is smashed trapping her forever.

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